Chapter 4

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"Wait what? Zayn I'm not sure if I heard you right or not but did you just say I was your sister?" I questioned.

"You heard me right Zoe, I have a have a gut feeling that you're my sister," Zayn told me. "We should get you back to the orphanage, I'll explain everything to you on the way there."

I was speechless, so I just nodded and let Zayn lead me to where the others were. He told the others to come along as he had some explaining to do. Once we were all in the car, Liam who was driving asked for the name of my orphanage. "St. Margerts Orphanage," I told him.

"Lads," said Zayn. "I realized that Zoe is my sister the second we met her."

The boys all had confused and shocked looks on their faces. The just turned around, except Liam, of course, and stared.

"Let me explain, when Zoe was born, just a year after Waliyah, mum and dad felt they weren't ready, and they put her up for adoption. I really wanted another sister and when they have Zoe up, I vowed that I would find her." Zayn cleared up. "Waliyah's fifteen now so that mean you're fourteen?"

"Next month actually on June eleventh," I responded. Zayn nodded as we pulled up at the orphanage. I got out of the car and led the way to the door. Just as I was about to knock the door flung open to Miss. Davis.

"Zoe there you are I was starting to wonder...Hello, how may I help you," Miss. Davis asked the boys moving aside to let us in.

Authors Note:
Hey so I'd just like to say that I know Waliyah's age is wrong but for the purpose of the story I changed it.
Also I'd like to give a shoutout to FanficsRmyLife she was the one who motivated me to continue writing this story. Check out her stories and give her a follow! Thanks guys.

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