Chapter 1

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I woke in the morning to the headmistress of St. Margaret's orphanage yelling at us to wake up. As per usual of course. But I knew today would be a totally different day, well at least for me. I knew nothing and I mean nothing could ruin my good mood. Today is the day I'm going to a One Direction concert.

Yeah, I live in an orphanage but I managed to win a One Direction concert ticket in a contest. I'm really excited to see my idols, especially Zayn Malik, we even have the same last name!

"Zoe, you better be getting ready up there and not daydreaming," The headmistress called from downstairs.

"I'm on my way down Miss. Davis," I responded. Miss. Davis was a nice woman but she was quite strict.

I headed down the stairs and immediately smelt the pancakes she was making. I sighed in happiness, it wasn't often we got things like this in an orphanage of fifty girls but when we did we all savored them. 

"Zoe, you're going to that concert you won a ticket for tonight, right," Miss Davis asked.

I nodded my head in agreement. "It starts at five but I'm going to leave at four, it's a thirty minute walk from here and it ends at eight. It's ten thirty now so I'm just going to hang out with the others until I head out." I told her. As I finished my breakfast I gathered all the plates of everyone since I was the oldest and loaded the dishwasher. I headed to my room to pick out my outfit for tonight which consisted of my least worn out pair of jeans and my only blouse that I usually left for special occasions. I went downstairs once more to play with the others.

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