Chapter 2

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It was amazing, the rush I felt once the concert started, consisting of some of my favorite songs in the album FOUR. The boys did an amazing job singing and they were hilarious. Right now they would usually do Twitter questions but today they did something a bit different they brought up Harry's girlfriend Rose and a microphone was passed around so questions could be asked directly by the crowd. The girl sitting next to me got the microphone and asked her question which was for Rose.

"How did you and Harry meet," the girl sitting next to me asked.

"Um... I'm sorry but I'd rather not say," Rose answered.

This put the crowd into an uproar of booing, I personally did not like it. I don't know what impulse caused me to do it but I grabbed the mic out of the hands of the girl next to me and started talking. "Listen none of you have any right to do something like that. You don't know what she's been through," I said but I didn't stop there. "For all you know she could've had a bad past or.... or anything. I'm sure all of you have a moment, a time you don't like talking about. I know you all do, and if you don't, you're a heartless creature whom I feel pity upon. So why if you won't talk about something you don't like to talk about, why would you make Rose do that?"

That was unfortunately a bad thing to do, the crowd was once again thrown into uproar but the only difference was they were charging at me. Just when I thought for sure I was going to be stampeded I was saved, by none other than Paul Higgins, One Direction's tour manager.

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