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Hey guys this isn't update but don't worry, even though I don't have my phone back yet I'll start work on the next chapter later today and I'll get it out ASAP. So anyway I was tagged by 18_OneDirection_18 to answer the following questions so here we go!

1. Celeb Crush? Liam Payne is my main but I also like Daniel Skye and Hayes Grier.

2. Something You Can't Live Without?Music, my cat and best friend marsdirectioner18

3. Last Time You Cried? About a week ago... LOL

4. Relationship Status? Single... tho I do wish my crush would notice me...

5. Biggest Fear? I don't really have an actual fear... but I am a bit claustrophobic...

6. Last Song You Listened To? Smile Daniel Skye

7. I have too many 1D songs to list so I'll just say LoveSick Day by Daniel Skye

8. Fav Color? Blue any shades of it

9. Fav Disney Character? Nick Wild from Zootopia

10. A Superpower? I honestly don't know... umm mind reading?

11. Nickname? I don't really have one...

12. One Wish. What would it be? For life to be per-fect!

13. Fav Social Media? Snapchat

14. Favorite game app? Uhh... Piano Tiles?

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