Chapter 8

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The tour ended and we went to the boys apartment or as they called it "flat" in London. It was a huge and an incredibly spacious place for an apartment. My room was light blue with darker blue accents and a full size bed. I was really happy to be out of the orphanage and with my brother again. But there was something on my mind, something I really need to ask Zayn but how? I looked through the closet fully stocked with clothes my size, courtesy of the boys girlfriends. I grabbed a onesie with cats on it and hopped into the shower.

I was sitting in my room on my phone which was an iPhone 6s rose gold even though I told Zayn I really didn't want a phone. I took a few pictures and added them to my snapchat story when I heard a knock on my bedroom door. "Come in," I called.

"Hey Zoe, dinners ready I thought I'd take you down," Niall told me as he walked into my room.

I smiled up at him and got up. We walked downstairs to the kitchen where Harry was taking the food into the dining room. I took my seat at the table next to Harry and Louis and across from Zayn and Niall while Liam sat at the head of the table. We had random conversations while eating Louis asking everyone if we'd see his carrots, he finally stopped when Liam told him he'd finished them all. Instead Louis now took to pouting like a baby.

"Zoe I think I'll work on enrolling you into school tomorrow, you'll most likely be going to The London Academy For Girls and Boys," Zayn said. "It's a great school with great reviews it's a charter school and not a private so you don't have to wear uniforms, which I'm sure you're happy about."

"It sounds great Zayn," I smiled at him brightly. "And yeah it's a relief that there are no uniforms." I personally hate when people try to pick out my clothes, I like my style the way it is.

Everyone had finished eating now, so I figured it would be a good time to ask Zayn the question that had been bugging me all day. I first thought out how I was going to word it so it didn't sound like I was accusing Zayn in any way. I finally worked up the courage and took a deep breath. "Zayn," I started carefully. "Would you mind coming upstairs with me I have something I need to ask you." Zayn looked at me and nodded. We headed up the stairs and to my room where I shut the door.

"Zoe you're worrying me right now, is everything alright," Zayn asked confused.

"Zayn everything's fine it's just that I've been wondering all day... I can't get it off my mind." I told him. "Zayn I need to know why I was in an orphanage, what were the complications at my birth, what was the reason mum gave me up."

"Zoe I'm so sorry but...," Zayn started.

Authors Note
Left it off on a bit of a cliffhanger there for you guys. I know I haven't updated in a while but I'm on spring break now woohoo! I'll try to give you guys an update everyday, if not every other day until spring break ends because I'll have A LOT of time on my hands. Hope you enjoyed the chapter.

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