Chapter 6

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****Zayn's POV****
"Zayn what in the world are you going on about," Simon asked. "This better not be some kind of sick joke because as far as I know you only have three sisters and their back home with your parents."

I sighed heavily, I knew this would happen eventually I just wasn't prepared for it to happen right away. I launched into an explanation of the day's events with the help of Zoe and the boys here and there. "And so here we are," I finished.

"Well Zayn, I can absolutely see why you did it," Simon started. "Zayn, Zoe can stay with you and the boys. But this will be a bit complicated informing the press. I think it would be best if you and the boys did a Twitcam tonight so the paparazzi don't make up any extreme rumors tomorrow."

I nodded to show I understood what Simon meant. I then look at Zoe and smiled. She look at me and smiled too and for the second time today she came and hugged me.

**Later That Night**
I grabbed My laptop and got myself set on the couch. I then opened Twitter and told the fans I would be doing a Twitcam in five minutes and there was someone I wanted them to meet. "Zoe," I called. "Come over here we're doing a Twitcam." She walked over and I explained it all to her. Five minutes had passed and it was time to start the Twitcam.

"Hello everyone," I said. "I hope everyone's doing alright. I set up this Twitcam cause I want you all to meet someone. Say hello Zoe." She greeted them and the comments started exploding asking if she was my girlfriend. I laughed at that, Zoe even looked a lot younger than me. "Guys this is my little sister Zoe, I adopted her back into my family today, after things that complications of her living with us when she was born. But now I have my little sister back and I'm probably the happiest guy on the planet! I hope you all have a good night, signing off, Zayn and Zoe."

Authors Note
Hey I hope you all like this chapter, this is the first chapter I did completely in Zayn's point of view. Thank you for getting this story 60 read. I know that's not a lot but for a story that I think is horrible it give me new inspiration to write. I hoped you enjoyed it! Please vote and comment!

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