Chapter 13

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**Niall's P.O.V**
Liam announced in the car that Hazel was pregnant. I really wanted a girlfriend and the rest of them being really happy with their girlfriends was hard on me. I decided I should go to Nandos. I didn't want to go alone so I decided to ask Zoe if she wanted to go.

I knocked on Zoe's door and heard a faint "come in" I walked in to Zoe lying on her bed texting. "Hey Zoe I was wondering if you wanted to go to Nandos with me. I was just about to head out," I said.

"Sure Nialler," she answered smiling at me.

We got in the car and I felt the need to tell Zoe everything. She was a good listener and didn't interrupt me at all.

"Niall don't worry," she told me. "You'll find he girl of your dreams, you shouldn't rush it. But Niall, can I tell you something if you promise not to tell the others?"

"What's on your mind Zoe, you can tell me and if you don't want me to tell the lads I won't," I assured her.

We got out of the car and got a table at Nandos. We placed our order and then Zoe continued.

"Well at school I met this guy, and Niall I think I like him," she told me. "His name is Daniel and he's really sweet."

"Awe Zoe has a crush," I teased. "As long as you don't get serious with anyone too soon I'm fine with it. I will be right back Zoe, I just need to head to the loo."

I was walking back to the table and wasn't looking where I was going, so I managed to bump into someone. "Oh my god, I so sor—," I stopped short mid sentence. The girl in front of me was gorgeous. I was stunned. I regained my posture and stuck my hand out for her to shake. "Sorry about that I'm Niall, and you are?"

She shook my hand and answered. "I'm Nikki, and it's not your fault I was just caught up with my phone."

"Speaking of phones," I said pulling mine out. "Would you mind if we exchanged numbers? I'd love to get to know you." She looked at me and for a second I thought I had said too much.

"I'd love to Niall," she responded. "You seem like a really great guy."

After we exchanged numbers I headed back to the table to tell Zoe everything. And when I say everything I mean everything, I didn't leave out a single detail.

"Niall I knew you'd find someone. The way you talk about her I have a feeling that you guys will have something strong together. I know you only met but one thing I've learned is that my gut never lies," she said to me. "And this is a gut feeling."

Authors Note
Hey guys. Nikki who met Niall in this chapter is one of my friends. Her username it 18_OneDirection_18
Go check out her work and also go and follow her! Hope you liked the chapter.

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