Chapter 22

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Today was Saturday, and unfortunately I didn't get to enjoy my weekend like a normal person. Zayn, Perrie, Liam, Hazel, and Louis and Mary, dragged me with them while they went to wedding planners. And not to mention I didn't get any sleep since Kendall kept waking up and crying last night. When we finally got home I plopped down on the couch, exhausted.

"Hey Zoe c'mon it's time for dinner," Harry called from the kitchen.

"No thanks, Harry," I told him. "I'm not very hungry right now."

"Zoe are you alright? You haven't eaten anything all day," Liam said.

"To be honest I don't feel too good. I feel like if I eat anything I'll throw up and I have a major headache," I answered.

Liam got up and headed to the bathroom. He came back with a thermometer. He made me put it in my mouth and sit there. After a few minutes it beeped.

"It says, 102 and it's still rising," Liam muttered. "Hey Zayn come here mate."

Zayn walked in and looked at me a bit concerned and confused by what was going on.

"Zayn, Zoe told me she didn't feel good so I took her temperature. I came out to 102 and it was still rising," Liam told him.

"That's pretty high, Zoe I think we need to take you to the hospital," Zayn said.

Liam nodded. Zayn scooped me up and headed to the car. Zayn drove me to the hospital, while Liam stayed home so he could help Hazel look after Kendall.

We arrived and Zayn lead me out of the car to the hospital. We headed the light the door to the reception desk.

"Hi my sister here isn't doing so well, she had a fever of 102 last I checked and it was rising," Zayn told her.

"Alright, is she already in the system?" the nurse asked him. "And if yes then what is her name?"

"Yes she is, her name is Zoe Malik," Zayn responded.

"Alright have a seat someone will be out shortly to assist you," she said.

Zayn and I nodded and chose seats. I was feeling very tired. I rested my head on Zayn's chest and he started stroking my hair.

"Zoe Malik? Could Zoe Malik please come this way," a nurse called.

Zayn carefully lifted me up as I was now half asleep and carried me to the room the nurse assigned us. Zayn put me on the bed and a few minutes later a doctor came in.

"Hello, I'm Dr. Minis," she said. "What seems to be the problem?"

"Zoe here had a fever of 102 last we checked and it was rising, she also told me that the thought of eating anything made her nauseous," Zayn told her.

"Alright so we'll take her temperature and run a few tests to see what's going on," the doctor said kindly.

An hour later the doctor came back in with the test results. I could tell Zayn was nervous, I would've been too but I was too tired.

"So it seems that Zoe has exhaustion and is dehydrated. We will have to put her on a drip and we will also give her medicine to help her sleep better along with some antibiotics to bring down the fever," the doctor told Zayn. "We also need to keep her here until she has enough water in her system to come off the drip and so we can monitor her progress."

The doctor gave me the medicine and Zayn got on the phone with Liam. I only heard Zayn telling Liam to bring everyone to the hospital tomorrow morning before I fell asleep.

Authors Note
Hey guys! I hope you liked that update. The good thing is I have an extended break for Memorial Day weekend! Five days! We had extra snow days. But what that means for you is that I will try to and plan to update every day. I think Zayn Malik's Little Sister will soon be coming to a close but not just yet. Stay tuned for more in the life of Zoe Alexis Malik. Love ya!😘

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