A Human in the I Taskforce?! I don't think so - 7

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Damn it... I forced a confused face, but it was a second too late, I think she noticed. Damn it! She can't find out that that human is related to what happened to her... at least I think he is. That's all depending on if Matt's orders are right. If he is related to it... I'm going to fucking kill him.

"I did," I told her. "What do you mean?"

"Nothing," she sighed. Thank the devil...

"Good night Vi," I smiled and turned to leave.

She caught my arm. I turned back around, confused. Please don't tell me she's going to pursue it... Then she kissed me. Actually kissed me... I stood there, stunned. That's the second time in one night...

"Night Nick," she turned around and went into her room, closing the door. Good thing too, she didn't see the stupid grin on my face that just refused to shut off.

Still smiling, I turned to go back to my room. At the end of the hall, I more or less walked straight into Matt. He was frowning, his face solemn.

"What?" my eyes narrowed. "Matt what is it?"

"She told you," it wasn't a question. "What are you going to do?"

"Is that runt related to the man that-" I took a deep breath to calm myself down. "That man?" Rage was constricting my chest, but I had to calm down. If Matt thought I was going to be a threat to the human, he'd have me knocked out with that damn injection.


"Then why is he here?" my voice was dead calm, but I was burning on the inside.

"He's here to be bait," Matt told me. "He was taken out of jail to annoy our enemies into making a mistake. He probably won't last long."

I stood still for a moment, shocked. That's... that's why he's here? To piss people off so bad they make mistakes? With the guys we fight he probably won't last two missions.

I burst out laughing. Matt frowned, but I just couldn't stop. I laughed so hard I thought I would die, and I just kept laughing.

Victoria POV

"Vi?" someone was trying to wake me up.

"Piss off," I muttered, turning onto my stomach.

"We have a mission, get up," Chris kindly pulled me out of bed and dropped me on the floor in front of my wardrobe.

"Why didn't the siren go off?" I yawned widely, getting up.

"Dunno," Chris yawned himself. "Jay just got me up. We're leaving in seven minutes, hurry up."

With that, he left to change into his gear. I wasn't mad that he was so grumpy, he's always like that when he wakes up and it's not a good idea to piss of a tired werewolf. I yanked the wardrobe doors open, yawning again.

My spare uniform was clean and hung up like it should be, the other one was still in the wash that no one had bothered to do yet. We need a housecleaner...

The uniform was a black t-shirt and cargos for the guys and a black sleeveless top and cargos for me and Nina. It was black because all of our missions take place at night. Always at night.

I changed quickly, slipping my knives and gun into the hidden pockets of the cargos. I tied my long hair up in a high ponytail and slipped a flip knife into the tie. All that was left was the shoes. Combat boots, though they were a special air light kind. Two knives went in those too.

The weapons we carry are strictly for insurance, we use our powers primarily. I've never had to fire my gun yet, but I've had to use the dagger hidden in my bra once. Finally I tied a piece of amber ribbon around my throat, it was my good luck charm.

I checked my watch, a minute left. I flew down, passing the human and Chris as I went. I was third in the limo, Matt and Nina were already there.

By the time the seven minutes were up, everyone was there. We all looked at Matt expectantly.

"This is a bad one," he admitted as our driver, Pete, took off. "Hostage situation. There are four that are telekinetic, like me except they can't read minds or control people. There are also two werewolves and a fallen. There are nine human hostages and two angels."

"What's the plan?" Chris' voice was tight. He hated killing werewolves.

"It's a delicate situation, they've already killed two hostages; one human, one angel."

Nina stiffened.

"Victoria's going in first to hope to reason with them," Matt said.

"Why me?" I asked instantly. "I'm hardly the group's best negotiator."

"I have to be with the rest of the group as I was been ordered from the beginning," Matt sighed, running his hands through his hair. "Our negotiator, Chris, will be too close to the matter. Besides, I think you'll be able to negotiate their demands best out of all of us."

"What do they want?" Justin asked.

"A portal."

We all stiffened (human excluded). A portal...

"To?" I asked in a low voice. Matt looked at me.


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