A Human in the I Taskforce?! I don't think so - 14

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They were at the airport. I could sense them, Nick could sense them, they weren't bothering to hide their presence. That either meant that they were arrogant enough to be able to find me at first sight (very possible) or they didn't think I would come here, I hoped it was the latter.

We kept up the rouse of being a couple from the UK and bought tickets to Phoenix, then checked our bags and went to get something to eat, we hadn't taken a break since we set out. We had an hour until the plane left, we were lucky to get one that soon. So we just had to stay calm until then.

Nina POV

It was a mess. If we found that human, he wouldn't last two seconds. We were throwing things in bags, only the essentials, getting ready for the jet. It was... painful, leaving this place was hard. It had become a safe haven, I mean, there aren't many things out there that hate angel (besides hell's creatures -

Victoria excluded), but I knew that it was a rare place for the others. Still, there was no choice now, we were leaving.

"Nina are you ready?" Jay ran into my room, a huge duffel over his shoulder.

"Yeah," I hauled up my own bag. "How about everyone else?"

"By the door," he said. "We're almost ready."

"How's Chris?" I asked nervously.

"Not happy," Jay sighed as we made our way down the stairs. "I think we better keep him away from humans for a while, he's struggling to not change."

"Okay," I nodded. "How long till the jet gets here?"

"Half an hour," he sighed. "It's a long time."

"We'll be fine," I tried to convince myself. "We can hold anything off for half an hour."

"Yeah," he said, but we both knew that we were lying. If they sent a lot of devils after us, there was just no way we'd make it. Still, we looked after each other in

this place and it was time to look after Victoria. If those devils caught her, I don't even want to think about what would happen, I didn't know why they were after her, but there was no way that it could be for a good cause.

"Okay," Matt said as we dropped our bags by the door. "We're all ready, half an hour till the jet, we just have to stay calm and wait. I'm not going to lie to you, chances are we will be attacked her for information about where Victoria went."

"Good," Chris' voice was hardly human anymore. It sent chills through me. He was very close to loosing control. I knew that he was close to Victoria, but it wasn't good that he was this unstable.

"You better calm down," Matt looked at him. "You won't help her by losing control Chris."

"I know," he took a deep breath, fighting to calm down. At least he was trying.

We stood there, having small, meaningless conversations, waiting for something to happen. I don't think any of us expected what came.

Amber POV

We made it on the plane... none of them suspected us. Still, I didn't relax until we took off. Once we were in the air, I took Nick's hand and slumped in my seat. I was tired, I knew that Nick was too considering we hadn't stopped at all. I tried to stay awake, I didn't like being asleep and helpless... but there was little they could do to us if they discovered I was in this plane. No, that's a lie; they could bring the plane down. I tried not to think of that as my eyes slipped closed.

I grit my teeth as the stupid maid jerked on the corset strings. It was a damn good thing that lack of air wouldn't kill me. I could have sworn that I felt a rib crack as she pulled again. Damn this parties, damn them all to the sins. Finally, the corset was done and she set about with the actual dress.

I stepped into the black thing and let her pull it up. It was a tight bodice flowing out to a large silk covered skirt. The skirt was a swirling mass of pinned in diamonds and black silk, it was a stunning dress really, but I hated it. It made my waist a hand span and pushed up my bust almost indecently. Stupid parties.

The maid girl had me sit in front of the mirror as she started brushing through my waist length sea-blue hair. I watched her in the mirror, glaring daggers, but she ignored me. I sighed, well I tried to, it was impossible to take in that deep a breath in this dress. My make-up was already done, my charcoal black eyes embedded in charcoal black makeup, making them gleam; it was a little creepy really. I guess that was the point though, it made me like good and imposing at the same time.

By the end of my torture, my hair was up in some elegant up-do and my dress was smoothed down until I looked like a damn princess. I hate parties. I looked at myself in the mirror for a moment, then stood up and went to the door. My mother and sisters were already waiting at the top of the stairs. I wasn't surprised, I always left getting ready until too late, I hated these parties.

My mother glared at me, a good glare it was, but I just rolled my eyes and took my place in-front of my sisters, behind her. They were all in matching scarlet gowns, I wasn't surprised. I ignored them as my mother tapped on the door, telling the call on the other side that we were ready. There was a double door entrance, my mother leading us all in.

There were scores of fallens and devils in the grand ball room, a few high ranking demons even. I kept my eyes forward, face unreadable. I had liked these parties in the beginning, but not anymore. Now I had to deal with that damned devil prince. He just wouldn't take my hints that I was not interested. If I didn't sort this out soon, it was going to become a problem.

I opened my eyes to Nick's face. I blinked twice, wondering why I'd dreamt of that. I noticed that people were in the aisles and we weren't moving.

"We landed," Nick told me with a little smile. "Next step, rent a car."

"How long will it take to get to the canyon?" I asked, unbuckling my seatbelt.

"About 5 hours," he grimaced. "But we're stopping at least once this time."

"Okay," I smiled.

So we went. We got a car and drove on. Neither of us sensed any pursuit... but I was still worried. Matt should have called by now to tell me they were safe. We may night have set up a direct time for them to call, but I expected someone to have called me when they got on the jet.

Nick noticed that I was worried, I kept noticing his glances in my direction. Eventually he looked straight at me. "It'll be fine Amber," he said. "Everyone'll be fine."

"I hope so," I flinched as the glaring Arizona sun hit the windshield. "I really hope so." I wished he could still call me Victoria.

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