A Human in the I Taskforce?! I don't think so - 11

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I must have fallen asleep crying in Nick's arms because the next time I opened my eyes it was to the dark limo. Almost everyone was asleep, except the typical two. Matt looked over at me when he saw that I'd woken up and Justin just kept staring out the window. I looked around, seeing that I was asleep with

Chris on the floor in front of me and my head on Nick's lap. Nina was asleep with her head on my calf and the human was leaning against the window next to Matt. Jay was sprawled in the space next to Jason. Ray was on the floor next across from Chris.

The scene almost reminded me of the mission a couple nights ago, before all this started. I smiled to myself and closed my eyes again. Matt didn't say anything to me, he knew everyone here well enough to know what they needed in a bad situation. I needed to not be asked if I was okay all the time, it drove me crazy.

I was asleep in milliseconds.

The next time it opened my eyes it was to a bedroom. There was a warmth behind me. I tried to turn, but found that the warmth had his arm across my waist too. I just smiled in my sleep, nestling back against him. Nick murmured something in his sleep, tightening his arm and pressing his face into my shoulder.

I was so comfortable it should have been illegal.

My eyes drifted closed and I was perfectly content to not dream. But of course I did. With the human still in the house, I was expecting a nightmare with that man in it, but he didn't appear. It was so much worse.

"You won't even consider?" Ryder asked softly, looking at me from the comfort of the armchair. My favorite armchair.

"No," I said tiredly. "No is no Ryder. I do not want you in my bed."

"My my aren't you a stubborn one," he smirked. I fought to not hit him.

"More stubborn than your brainless whores?" I asked casually.

His expression darkened for a moment and he pushed himself to his feet. I struggled to not flinch as he strode towards me. He was stronger than me by a mile and that knowledge made it harder to not run. Or at least try to run. Ryder didn't stop until he was inches from me, our clothes nearly touching.

"I could force you, you know," he murmured, brushing his fingers down the side of my face. I couldn't suppress the shudder of disgust.

"You could try."

"Oh Kays," he laughed, encircling my waist with a crushingly tight arm. "Devils are stronger than demons and you know it. My father made you what you are."

It was my turn to get angry.

"I know," my voice was lethally low. He didn't seem to notice.

I couldn't bare being in his grip for one more second. So I acted without thinking. My arm shot out, he caught it; but he had no way to catch my knee in his crotch. He went down with barely concealed agony. A man is a man after all, no matter the species.

"You're going to be so very sorry that you did that," his voice was rough with his pain. "Guards!"

"I don't care," I said quietly. "You can kill me Ryder, but you will never own me."

He said nothing, and staggered to his feet as the palace guards forced my arms behind my back. I didn't struggle. I could have beaten them, but I couldn't have beaten them and Ryder. There was no point fighting.

"Take her to the Sins," he said calmly, all traces of his pain gone. "Half a millennia. Even if her mother threatens us with war do not let her leave the hall."

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