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Typhoon & Tempest by LibbyBlake
Typhoon & Tempestby Elizabeth H. Blake
Lily Morgan knew she was different, but that had nothing to do with her supernatural abilities. In a world of abnormal creatures she was an outcast. With no idea what...
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Until Dawn ✔️ by xAerodynamicMotionx
Until Dawn ✔️by A.M🥀
✔️ July 17,2016 Okay, can someone ᴘʟᴇᴀsᴇ explain to me why Liberty , my good for nothing friend - just kidding I love her -, lives in the middle of no where in San Franc...
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The Princess's Guardian by maggie10secrets
The Princess's Guardianby Maggie
Jordan has always strive to be as good as a person can be ever since she was young. That is by helping those who are in need or offer to tutor those who are weak in stud...
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Angels And Demons | ✔ by Emma5304
Angels And Demons | ✔by ♔Emma MK♔
⭐Highest rank: #471 in Werewolf on 17/05/2018 ⭐#1 in projectwerwolves ⭐Featured in the @Werewolf profile under Werewolf Romance [Completed on: 13 July 2018 + Unedited] _...
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The Big Bad Grayson || Completed by lumere_02
The Big Bad Grayson || Completedby lumere_02
"So what colour is your wolf" Grayson asked. "Um-umm- grey. My wolf is a grey colour." And the lies begin ...
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Mystic High ✓ by storyweaver94
Mystic High ✓by Ivana Keynes
Oriane Moore, the new addition to the Diana Mist College, recently discovered that she is a witch. Or more specifically, a so-called 'elemental'. It's changed her life c...
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The Woodworlds Academy by Addicted_to_death
The Woodworlds Academyby Addicted_to_death
"Hey! If you're going to fight atleast have the decency of fighting fair." I shouted at him. "Mate!" the Alpha said, pulling me towards him and hugg...
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Eye Enchanters by ilylily112
Eye Enchantersby Lily
They say that eyes are the windows to the soul, but to Eye Enchanters, they're much more... Izzy Brunn, a teenage girl with oddly purple eyes, finds herself thrust int...
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You, Me and Penny Green | Edward Cullen by CallingCollins
You, Me and Penny Green | Edward C...by Rene't Collins
"Everything has a purpose and a reason, I believe it so." Many have tried and failed to get under Iris' skin. Whether it be calling her gruesome names and spre...
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The age of Elementals Book #1: The Elemental triology (undergoing major editing) by ImNoOrdinaryGal
The age of Elementals Book #1: The...by Mary Charles
All it takes it's one night to change Eleanor's life forever... Learning that she is a werewolf and part of a family of elementals making her one of the strongest werewo...
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Kagayaki Tamashi no Ryoiki by MarioRobertus
Kagayaki Tamashi no Ryoikiby Mario Robert
The world of Terranum, world of a grand fantasy, once during the ancient time, monstrous beast known as Bellua roam the entire Terranum, the ancient civilization of huma...
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The Lost Tribe: Maliha the Wanderer (Book 1) by Layla-A-D
The Lost Tribe: Maliha the Wandere...by Layls_
*WATTPAD FEATURED STORY 19/07/2018* Maliha is a wanderer. She has been for the past 3 years. Her journey began the day the man she loved betrayed her for her adoptive si...
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Darklands by Noxsco
Darklandsby Noxsco
Stuck in an everlasting cursed swamp named the Darklands as a punishment that would essentially lead to one's death, yet one would keep roaming the marshland as either a...
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A Destructive Element (Male!Yandere X Reader!) by thelobsterlord
A Destructive Element (Male!Yander...by thelobsterlord
In the world of Haven, there are four clans; water, earth, air and fire. Each clan is known by trait they are said to have. Water: Grace Earth: Serenity Air: Wisdom Fire...
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The Elementals - Percy Jackson by OcEaNm4n
The Elementals - Percy Jacksonby Water_Is_My_Element
Perseus 'Percy' Jackson, the hero of Olympus, the savior of the demigod's and the gods, along with the six greatest demigod's to ever live, Percy was one of those. Howev...
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The life of a reject... by Awkward321
The life of a reject...by unactive
'When someone says the word family, what do you think? Do you cringe? Do you choke with confusion? Well? With me it's cringe worthy. With me it's annoying. With me, it's...
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Path to Destiny [Book III of Seize the Day] by AbbyJewett
Path to Destiny [Book III of Seize...by Abby
Book III of SEIZE THE DAY, Winner of the 2014 Wattys Instant Addiction Award. If you haven't read Book I or Book II, SEIZE THE DAY and CHAINS OF FATE, please do! There...
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Percy Jackson: Never again (Pertemis) by Amber_0713_
Percy Jackson: Never again (Pertem...by Amber_0713_
When Percy fell down to Tatarus he was met by betrayal and torture, his hope and spirit diminished. He escapes but he isn't the same, and it's easy to notice by the ones...
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Change ||Jacob Black|| by slayyyes
Change ||Jacob Black||by AmaZayn
what happens when a certain girl other than Bella Swan shows up to forks.. wins the heart of a certain wolf.. and is favored by many. She has the heart and soul of an an...
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Magic Love Story : Lost Legendary Weapon Vol 2 by NanaMizuki154
Magic Love Story : Lost Legendary...by NanaMizuki154
Volume ke dua dari cerita Magic Love Story : Lost Legendary Weapon. Note : Sebelum membaca cerita ini di sarankan untuk membaca cerita sebelumnya. Magic Lost Story : Los...
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