A Human in the I Taskforce?! I don't think so - 5

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I stood up, ignoring the stares. They wanted to know, all of them wanted to know. Matt caught my arm as I passed him.

'What should I tell them?'

'I don't care,' I looked him in the eyes. 'Only tell Chris

the truth, I trust him.'

'Okay,' he gave me a small smile. 'Are you sure you'll be

alright on your own.'


He let go of my arm and I started walking back down the hall. I walked back to my room and through the door frame, over the door. Great, I'm gonna have to fix that. I sat on my bed, staring out of the dark window. I hadn't even realized that it had gotten dark.

I glanced over at my clock. It was 11:47. Wow, it had gotten late. I hope someone made dinner. I changed into a pair of pajama shorts and a white t-shirt. I wasn't in the mood to be wearing that nightgown anymore.

My stomach grumbled, loudly. I stared at it, frowning. Damn hungry stomach... I guess I have to go scrounge up something to eat now. I walked out of my room, throwing my hair out of my face. It brushed my lower back. Maybe I should cut it soon...

"Vi?" it was Chris.

I turned around to face him. I didn't like that look in his eyes, I hate being pitied.

"I'm not pitying you if that's what you're thinking," he gave me a little smile. "Thank you for letting Matt tell me."

"No problem," I grinned. "Now do we have anything to eat in this place?"

"I guess so," he laughed. "We had lasagna for dinner if you want some. There's some French bread too."

"Yay!" I beamed. "Let's eat!"

Before I could turn around, his arms shot up around my waist and he pulled me into his chest. I stood there in shock for a long minute. Eventually I wrapped my arms around him too, he was being comforting and I appreciated it.

"I'm really fine Chris," I murmured.

"I know," he sighed. "I..."

"It's fine," I laughed a little. "Chris, thank you, you're always here for me."

"No problem," he laughed too. "You're like my little sister Vi, I hate to see you like this."

"You can't erase the past," I pulled away. "No matter how many people say that, it's true."

"I know," he patted my head. "Now how about that dinner."

"You read my mind," I grinned, taking off for the stairs at full speed.

I heard him laugh, following me.


I watched Victoria walk back to her room, looking almost... like she was lost. I had a near inescapable urge to go after her...

"You should all act like nothing happened," Matt told us, but he was looking straight at me. "Chris, I need to talk to you. Everyone else, could you please leave us."

"Do we have any mission's planned for tomorrow?" Nina asked slowly.

"Not that I know about," Matt told her. "Now please everyone, leave us."

I grit my teeth, I didn't want to leave Matt with Chris. I knew that he was going to tell him something important, something about Victoria. Matt wouldn't do that without permission from Vi herself.

Why would she give permission to that dog and not me?!

I walked away, not looking at anyone else. I was going to talk to that human. I don't care that Matt forbade it, I need to know what's going on.

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