A Human in the I Taskforce?! I don't think so - 18

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I didn't wake up until noon the next day, none of us did. It was only when the bright sun became unbearable that I opened my eyes and flew a couple of well-deserved curses at the flimsy blinds. I snuggled back against Nick, who sighed in his sleep and pulled me harder against him. I wanted to go back to sleep... I really did. Nick was warm and I was beyond comfortable, but the sun just wouldn't allow it. So I groaned in annoyance and pulled myself up.

Chris was still asleep on the couch, a blanked over him. I think I'd given him that. With a yawn and his own groan of annoyance, Nick sat up and grimaced at the sun. Then he turned to me and grinned. I couldn't help but grin back. His black hair was up in tufts and his warm chocolate eyes were shinny with sleep.

"Good night?" he asked, forcing himself up.

"Yup," I wrapped my arms around his neck as he came closer. "No dreams."

"Good," he murmured, then kissed me.

Wow was it a kiss. We were both warm and soft with sleep and the kiss was the sweetest thing I'd ever experienced. I just melted against him, like molten honey. I don't think that we ever would have stopped if Chris hadn't woken up and yawned loudly.

I jumped and Nick let me go. Neither of us could stop laughing at the fear on each other's faces for a good twenty minutes after that.

"You're not going," I snapped, for the third time.

"Well you're not going," Nick sighed, sitting back down on the bed.

"Someone has to go," I crossed my arms. "We can't just sit here in this room and starve."

"Go where?" Chris asked, coming out of the bathroom in a pair of jeans with a towel around his shoulders.

"To buy food," I sighed. "We have to stock up before we hit the road again."

"I'll go," Chris said. "I have to go to a dealer somewhere to pick up a new bike anyways."

"Chris," I looked up at him. "There won't be a car dealership around here anywhere around here... we have to get off a highway. It's just a ten minute drive from here to San Diego."

"How big is your car?" Chris asked, pulling on one of Nick's t-shirts. It was too small for him, so were the jeans in fact because Nick's lean and Chris' bulky... but Chris's clothes were tattered and sweaty and just plain ew.

"It's... biggish," I said. "It's no limo or hummer, but I think you'd be okay for ten minutes."

"If not I can always run into town and meet you," Chris shrugged.

"It's broad daylight," Nick shook his head. "And there aren't any natural wolves in California. You'd stand out too much."

"If I can't stand the car for ten minutes we don't have a choice," Chris said calmly, slouching down onto the couch.

Chris, being a wolf, couldn't stand enclosed spaces, they drove him nuts. It was like putting wolves in a pitfall, they'd turn against each other and Nick and I didn't want to be turned against. I tried to think of a way out of this, but nothing came to mind. If Chris couldn't stay in the car until we got to the city then he would have to walk, we couldn't risk a black wolf running around, and we'd lose a lot of time.

"Well I'll get the food," Chris stood up again. "I'll look at your car on the way and tell you what I think when I get back."

"Okay," Nick nodded. "It's the blue Ford closest to the room."

Chris nodded and left. Nick and I looked at each other, then I walked over and threw my arms around his neck.

"I don't want you to do this," he murmured, holding me.

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