A Human in the I Taskforce?! I don't think so - 3

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They were still laughing uncontrollably when we went in for lunch. We settled on a place called PizzaPapalis, even though there weren't many seats, we managed to get them all to ourselves. Well... Chris scared the people out by opening his amber eyes really wide at them...

Finally, everyone stopped laughing. Until a black BMW drove by, then they all started up again. I sighed and just ate pizza. They'll give up eventually. Two hours and nine pizza's later, we were ambling around. Nina wanted to shop, but she was alone on that.

"Pleeeaaase Vi!" she tugged on my arm.

"No way Nina," I crossed my arms. "I hate shopping."

"Amen," Nick sighed.

"No one asked your opinion!" Nina snapped at him. There they go...

"We are in public," Matt very calmly, like he was talking to them like they were two year olds. "If you make a scene you will be going home in the same car."

They both shuddered at the thought.

I looked up at the looming city buildings. How fun would it be to fly up beyond those buildings... way up there where I can actually smell fresh air and not diesel fumes. Somewhere...over the rainbow... I smiled to myself, I'm so melodramatic.

"What's so funny?" Chris put an arm on my shoulder, using me as an armrest. I glared up at him, just because he's like six foot...

"Nothin'," I stuck my tongue out.

"And I thought you were a mature one," he shook his head.

"You're one to talk!" I pushed his arm off. "Mr. 6" three year old."

"You hurt me Vi..." he clutched his chest melodramatically.

"No comment," I laughed, walking ahead to where Matt was still having a 'talk' with Nina and Nick. I smiled again, passing them. I felt like walking in the front. Who knows why, I just feel like being in the front sometimes.

The street was basically empty. I wonder where we're even going... Without warning something wrapped around my waist, jerking me sideways with enough force to break a human rib. I was dragged back and felt a knife at my throat before I could react. Bastard caught me by surprise.

"I would suggest letting her go before you get seriously hurt," Matt's voice made me look up. Nick and Chris were looking murderous, Matt cautious, Nina nervous, and Justin like he just didn't care. Out of all the expressions I think I preferred Justin's.

"Me hurt?!" the human laughed. I wrinkled my nose. He reeked of drugs and grime, not to mention his breath...

"Don't make me hurt you," I told him very calmly.

"Shut up bitch!" he pressed the knife into my skin, causing a little stream of blood to appear. "Everyone give me all your valuables all your money!"

"Shut the fuck up you disgusting human," my voice was low and lethal. The bastard made me bleed. No human makes me bleed. Their disgusting race destroyed everything THEY ALL DESERVE TO DIE!

"Vi don't!" Matt's shout was too late.

I twisted in the human's grip, slipping away from the knife. One kick sent him flying backwards into the stone wall of the alley. He met my eyes with his pathetic terrified ones. He lifted the knife to his heart. Three...Two...

"No!" Chris tackled me hard, sending us both flying across the alley.

"GET OFF!" I yelled, fighting him with all my strength.

I am going to kill that human!

"No Vi!" Chris pinned my arms. "You don't want to kill him! You don't want to use your power!"

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