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Telekinetic Hero-BNHA FANFICTON by Dekutimes5
Telekinetic Hero-BNHA FANFICTONby Dekutimes5
Turns out Izuku does have a quirk after all and it's similar to Inko's but stronger. It manfiested during a fight with his childhood and his gang.Does Izuku have what it...
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  • evildeku
  • shoutoxdeku
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Lasting Premonition- Charles Xavier X Reader by raethegeekywriter
Lasting Premonition- Charles Rae
Humans have always been amazing beings that can do extraordinary things just with intelligence. Humans have also always been merciless beings when people are different...
  • telepathic
  • charlesxavier
  • x-men
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Smallville: Telekinetic (Lex Luthor/OFC fanfic) by DebraJay
Smallville: Telekinetic (Lex DJ
All she ever wanted was to belong. All she had to do was learn to trust. _________________________________________ When Kennedy Carpenter arrives in Smallville she capt...
  • lionelluthor
  • jonathankent
  • michaelrosenbaum
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Fearless Fiery Beauty by Kaytlyn_Hand
Fearless Fiery Beautyby Kaytlyn Ann Hand
How do you tell the difference between adventurous and life-threatening if you are impervious to fear? You could ask Edana Keelia Greenwood, a 17 year old girl that most...
  • transformation
  • calm
  • freedom
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J*A*D*E*(S) (Kindred Series-1) by CJRogue
J*A*D*E*(S) (Kindred Series-1)by CJ Rogue
This is the beginning of an epic 1600pg journey that includes witches, demons, ghosts, vampires, telekinetics, seers, healers. Love, romance, friendship and more - a si...
  • suspense
  • teen
  • sexuality
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Destiny (A Story of Telekinesis) by WPutman68
Destiny (A Story of Telekinesis)by W Putman
Of all people I thought you'd understand. They took the life of your Mother for God's sake!" "I do understand Caitlin, and I want to stop them as bad as you...
  • powers
  • mystery
  • telekinetic
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Alexia Lambre, Teenage Telekinetic: The School by speedRead
Alexia Lambre, Teenage Ronni Wood
Alexia Lambre had never been a truly 'normal' girl, because she had always had the added 'bonus' of telekinesis. At least, some might call it a bonus. Alexia would ca...
  • plants
  • sleep
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Telekinetic Killer  by LakindriaHerrington
Telekinetic Killer by lakindria herrington
Kia Monroe is a 16 year old girl with the power of telekinesis. But she's doesn't use her powers for good. More like for bad. She goes around killing people with her te...
  • squad
  • harleyquinn
  • suicide
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Telekinetic (Psychic!Reader x Ticci-Toby) by FromAshesToAshes
Telekinetic (Psychic!Reader x ℱяøм Åṧℌℯṧ Tø Aṧнeṧ
[Y/N] [L/N]. At the age of five she and her single father had went through a severe storm. They had both survived, but [Y/N] had severe brain trauma. She was put into a...
  • ticci
  • toby
  • ticcitoby
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Constellations (BLACKPINK x Telekinetic! Female Reader) by SortaGayLays
Constellations (BLACKPINK x SortaGayLays
God, aside from being so, so terribly gay--I'm anxious, incredibly panicked, have telekinesis and I'm a nervous wreck. Oh, did I mention that I have telekinesis? Hang o...
  • jennie
  • trans
  • anxious
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Injection by netflixwhisperer
Injectionby netflixwhisperer
Charlie discovers that he can move things with his mind, Darren wonders why he's having so many nightmares about being on fire, and Alex is feeling a little electric. Ar...
  • superheroes
  • telekinetic
  • fire
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Gifted by silasahin19
Giftedby Sıla Şahin
When I was 17, I got into a car crash with a truck containing radioactive chemicals and was in coma for over a year. After I woke up, I discovered I could move objects w...
  • mutant
  • superpower
  • ironman
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The Vampire Witch by HarmyH64
The Vampire Witchby Harmony
She never meant to become a vampire. She never knew she was a witch, the strongest in the world to be exact. She never knew she had a twin brother, or that her father wa...
  • evil
  • surprise
  • father
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Thaumaturgic (Sans X Telekinetic!Reader) by emm2423
Thaumaturgic (Sans X Telekinetic! Shadows Into Light
"You can't help being who you are..."
  • light
  • sansxreader
  • shadows
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Dark past  by griffinlove21
Dark past by Griffin love21
Griffin has a troubled past, will it bit her in the butt when the host club finds out!
  • dark
  • powers
  • trouble
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4M4L13 (A novella) by OscarHinklevitch
4M4L13 (A novella)by Oscar Hinklevitch
[COMPLETE] Science is a wonderful thing fueling many wonderful advances. Sometimes though, science goes too far, and the people pursuing a goal forget to ask a very sim...
  • cia
  • pyrokinetic
  • decatur
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Universal by llamalizardyray
Universalby Ray
This girl is 14 and genetically altered her, and created her to have every power known and unknown. Most hate her. Some want her as a god to worship. Some are killers. S...
  • long
  • powers
  • telekinetic
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My Gemini by kaifawne
My Geminiby Kai Lin Fawne
Noah Masterson is a college student with a secret: he is plagued by visions of people dying and haunted by the ghosts he cannot save. He lives his miserable, sleepless d...
  • alpha
  • romance
  • supernatural
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Night Saga by JohannaD
Night Sagaby Johanna
Telekinetic Anastasia Salakov has been kidnapped by vampires. To make it all worse, they're planning on announcing their existence to the world, all because their race c...
  • fantasy
  • faery
  • vampire
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Mind Waves (Boyxboy) by TheBirdWhoCannotFly
Mind Waves (Boyxboy)by TheBirdWhoCannotFly
Jackson Marell and Dakota Williams had the silent agreement to stay away from each other. At first, it didn't seem to be so hard. After being forced to be around one ano...
  • mind
  • telekinetic
  • waves
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