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My Gangster Sweet Heart  by PareezaStephenJames
My Gangster Sweet Heart by Mrs.AmbroseStephenJamesChrisH...
Isabella is a badass, sexy, headstrong, stubborn and undeniabley beautiful. Also, she's the only daughter of the second most feared man in the world : Richard Ambrose. B...
  • alpha
  • drugs
  • werewolves
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His Abusive Obsession {*JIMIN FAN FICTION*} by YoonMin-Shii
His Abusive Obsession {*JIMIN FAN...by BangtanWifeZ
"In all circumstance you did...." "You!..You include my family w-which has n-nothing to do with o-our ISSUE!!!"Tears begin to fall on your cheeks...
  • seonyeongdan
  • violence
  • lust
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The Murder Mystery by the_midnigh_mystery
The Murder Mysteryby the_midnigh_mystery
"The best secrets are the most twisted" In the world where crimes are increasing and humanity is decreasing, Jonathan Wilden a detective got stuck i...
  • watty2019
  • murder
  • truth
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A Shot of Whiskey by AlethiaMith
A Shot of Whiskeyby Alethia
Mia was never a hunter. Her family did everything in their power to make sure of that. If her brothers could never have that apple pie life, then they'd be damned if the...
  • romance
  • sam
  • apocalypse
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Mon Amour [Yandere! Chat Noir/Adrien Agreste] by sweeven_2
Mon Amour [Yandere! Chat Noir/Adri...by Scenic
"Love is an obsession. It has that quality to it. There are healthy obsessions. But mine is not one of them." [Yandere! Chat Noir/Adrien Agreste x Reader]
  • adrienxreader
  • chatnoir
  • obsession
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The Hijabi Wife (ON HOLD) by Hijabmylife
The Hijabi Wife (ON HOLD)by ♡♡Hijabi Princess♡♡
Mahira Hassan, aspires to be a better muslimah for which she works hard everyday. She loves bright colours, believes is positivity and does anything just to see smile o...
  • romance
  • betrayel
  • deen
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Blood-Red Riding Hood by Kateln99
Blood-Red Riding Hoodby Katherine
"Licking my pale and chapped lips, I tried to wet my bone-dry mouth so I could speak. Between cold shivers, I noticed the crawling under my skin rippled through me...
  • brother
  • run
  • crazy
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Cry Murder by KateHauxwell
Cry Murderby Kate Hauxwell
Sarah had dreamed of being accepted into Cambridge University for years. So, when that acceptance letter finally arrived, she was nothing but excited to be leaving home...
  • job
  • stripper
  • money
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Crazy Obsession l.h by Princess_penguin23
Crazy Obsession l.hby LukeyHemmo_Penguin
Obsession is kind of like a passion for something that crosses the line into crazy territory that would lead to crazy posession Luke is suffering for an insane desire, l...
  • love
  • romance
  • lukehemmings
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My Brothers Obsession (Harry Potter Fantic ) by Ninga_Turtal100
My Brothers Obsession (Harry Potte...by Ninga_Turtal100
April was a beautiful young girl who was the twin of the famous Harry Potter but what if Harry did not love April the way he should what if it was more possessive and ob...
  • love
  • obsession
  • posession
Diabolus Inveniat Occupatum by HollyGoliterary
Diabolus Inveniat Occupatumby HollyGoliterary
A short story about the creepier things you learn in Catholic School
  • posession
  • priests
  • french
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Unsanity by CyclopsWrites
Unsanityby Floortje/Flo
when a 12 year old girl is brought into the St. Oswald Mental Hospital rather strange things start to happen....
  • unknown
  • mentalhospital
  • scared
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A lonely howl by Vilm0023
A lonely howlby Vilm0023
I have never thought that my life could change, but when i did it changed completly. My name is Andrea and i am 21. My hole life i has been abused, No famile Or Anythin...
  • kings
  • soulmates
  • rejektion
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The Evil Twins#JustWriteIt #Horror by Demonlady25
The Evil Twins#JustWriteIt #Horrorby Katherine Quilino
author quote: "sometimes twins can be cruel" I know some of you had watched several kinds of twin horror movies like "Alone". I noticed most of the...
  • ghost
  • paranoia
  • friends
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The Dark World Of A Teen by brokenhood
The Dark World Of A Teenby brokenhood
so there's this girl, her name is May. she's a normal teenager just like me and you bust she gets bullied about unordinary things because she's a paranormal creature.
  • may
  • scary
  • demon
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Evil Within Her by Nanacolors
Evil Within Herby Aiyana (NANA)
Two Senior girls in High School Maddy and Caroline find a house for them both to live in what they dont know about this paticular house is it's Backround story.
  • death
  • posession
  • noturningback
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SNOWFLAKES (NEW) by Harjot26and754
***** Reznor and his best friend Nova, 18-year olds, experience a whole new twist in their life, that may change their fate forever. Upon learning about Snowflakes, thes...
  • animals
  • grave
  • ghosts
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Ace Ablaze by icarusflies
Ace Ablazeby A. G. LaPlante
Seth is a phoenix…sort of. Plus, the phoenix and the dragon are destined for one another, according to legend, so he shouldn’t really be shocked when the Dragons finally...
  • ancient
  • prophecies
  • fox
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VLD : Mind meld  by thelostshoe1204
VLD : Mind meld by thelostshoe1204
the paladins go out on a mission to save some prisoners from a galra ship. Things go wrong and shiro is captured. Jade goes back to get him, but finds something odd abou...
  • voltron
  • dark
  • vld
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Demonish - Yoonseok by taegicakes
Demonish - Yoonseokby 365 So Fresh
[cleanish] Yoongi's life sucks. And that is not an opinion. One night, a demon, Hoseok, possesses him. Hoseok didn't want to go back to Hell, where he didn't belong. Hos...
  • yoongi
  • yoonseok
  • kpop
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