A Human in the I Taskforce?! I don't think so - 15

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It was a long drive to the canyon. It was only five hours, but felt like a hundred. Matt should have called by now. Something was definitely wrong. After the third hour even Nick had stopped trying to cheer me up. He was worried too, and with good reason. Something was wrong. I wanted to go straight back to the mansion and find out what it was, but I knew that was ridiculous. Instead I forced myself to remain calm and focus on the task at hand. I had to find another body.

"Here we are," Nick said as he rolled into a dirt parking lot near a big brick building. It was a small hotel. I picked up Amber's backpack, but it on and climbed out of the car. There were tourists, not a million, but enough to be annoying. I couldn't body swap here.

"Is there a hospital around here?" I asked as Nick got out of the car.

"Yeah," he nodded. "A ways back."

"Ok," I said. "We need to go there and see if they have any young women in comas."

He just stared at me for a moment, then nodded and looked away.

"It's better than keeping a girl who has a mind," I informed him.

"I know," he smiled wryly. "It's just that I just got used to that body."

"I'll be able to keep the next one," I told him. "Forever unless we get found out."

"Alright," he said. "Do you want to go right now?"

"No," I shook my head. "I want to sleep right now."

"Good," he laughed. "Me too."

I grinned and took his hand as we walked up to the hotel. We had enough cash to make it through, though we were going to have to think of something long run. When the devil prince found out how to track me using our government credit cards, and he would, we'd be in trouble.

We were lucky enough to get a room for the night and I nearly cried in relief. I didn't want to drive anymore. I'd liked our drives into the city from the mansion, but now I'd been in a car so much I could vomit. I suddenly decided that we might be flying to our next destination. If we were careful and went at night, we should make it.

"What are you thinking?" Nick asked as he turned on the small TV in the room.

"That we might just forgo the car and plane and fly everywhere from now on," I admitted.

"It would be cheaper," he laughed. "But it would also lead them to us in seconds."

"Devils can't fly."

"Demons and Fallens can."

"How do you know Fallens are chasing us too?"

"I don't," he laughed. "But do you really want to take that risk?"


"So tomorrow you'll get your new body and we'll be off again," he said, taking a coke out of the mini-fridge.

"Yup," I agreed. "Maybe we should think of my new name now."

"Don't you want to wait until you've seen the body?" he asked.

"I hope they have a body I can use," I sighed.

"Me too," he agreed.

The next day we drove down to that hospital. It was cruel of me, I know, but I was praying there was a coma girl there I could use. Nick flirted with some nurse (while I hung back and tried not to be annoyed) and got clearance to go upstairs to the coma patients.

There was one. She was about sixteen (a little younger than I liked, but not bad), with long black hair and when I checked, deep brown eyes. I read her chart. She had older twin brothers, that was it. I didn't feel so bad after reading that, at least they had each other to comfort. I looked around. There was a family around one bed and a nurse in the corner. This was going to be tricky. This body would collapse once I changed. It would take Amber a while to wake up.

How were we going to get her out of here?

"What are we going to do?" Nick asked softly as we sat beside the girls bed.

"Take the body," I said quietly. "Tonight. We can't be seen. We'll take her out the window over there to the grand canyon."

"We'll have to be quick," he murmured. "They'll know we're here the second our wings come out."

"I know," I sighed. "We'll take her there, do the switch, leave Amber in a hotel room and make a run for it. There's no way they'll be able to tell she's been possessed, she'll be safe. Then we'll drive into California and take a plane."

"Sounds good," he nodded. "I'll take the girl to the canyon then you do the switch, I'll take Amber to a room and we'll get going."

"Alright," I smiled and leant forward, kissing me.

I glanced down at the girl again. On her chart it said that there was minimal to no chance of recovery. I refused to feel guilty about it this time. I had to do this, and this girl had no consciousness so I wasn't taking her life away. I was giving Amber her goal too. This was necessary.

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