undertale art lemon  by Roseanna2234
undertale art lemon by Bella
the tile says it all love and all art go to the rightful owner
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A E S T H E T I C S by Midnight_Ramblings
A E S T H E T I C Sby What's in a name?
A collection of writings and photographs with an aesthetic each. Note: I do not own any of the photographs unless stated otherwise. I found all of these on Pinterest.
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🔮✝AMBW Stories✝🔮 by Melanin_Goth
🔮✝AMBW Stories✝🔮by Melanin Goth
-this is for my chocolate sistas -melanin girls/boys rule
  • melanin
  • sweet
  • adorable
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Cupid Carries A Gun ✔ by spooky_music_lover
Cupid Carries A Gun ✔by MansonGirl
In this story Cupid carries a gun. And it can end up many ways. Lauren is 19 years old girl with broken heart and fucked up life. But everything will change when she mee...
  • rock
  • wattys2018
  • manson
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Cómics Yaoi Undertale 4 by SoyOtaku1
Cómics Yaoi Undertale 4by SoyOtaku1
Aún más cómics -v-
  • paper
  • yaoi
  • reaper
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It's not a phase  by Vaporeon700
It's not a phase by Taylor👻
A Colby Brock Fanfiction
  • wattys2018
  • goth
  • brock
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Yasmine || XXXTENTACION FANFIC by heartbreakkodak
"She was what I prayed for, she was what I was made for."
  • skimasktheslumpgod
  • eskitit
  • xxxtentacion
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Sanscest images  +18 by Rudybunny
Sanscest images +18by Rudybunny
♡ Screenshots ♡ ♥ The images are not mine♥
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A Deep Love - Fell!Poth Fanfic by TheTexanAuthor
A Deep Love - Fell!Poth Fanficby Call me Tex
(Cover by DesertStar242) Most of this is my head-cannon Fell!Poth. Goth hated how Palette would always find his haunts, never leave him alone, bother him, bug him, bully...
  • poth
  • palette
  • goth
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Gym Class (LiL Peep) by lilgothbiddie
Gym Class (LiL Peep)by Strawberry
Uncontrollable feelings and a gym class together.
  • lilpeep
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~Emo Band Imagines~ by MorganBurkhardt
~Emo Band Imagines~by Morgan Burkhardt
Emo band imagines, bands/ people will include; - My Chemical Romance - Panic! At The Disco - Fall Out Boy - Pierce The Veil - Falling In Reverse - All Time Low - Moti...
  • goth
  • bvb
  • emoboy
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Poth OTP NSFW 30 Day Challenge by TheTexanAuthor
Poth OTP NSFW 30 Day Challengeby Call me Tex
Palette and Goth, 30 Day NSFW challenge! All of the good things... ;)
  • poth
  • goth
  • smutwarning
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*insert good title*(NaJ × Reader) by underbendsans688
*insert good title*(NaJ × Reader)by underbendsans688
( i know it (Y/ N) but im WAY to lazy to keep puting that so its dis ____ friends (and other people) could be in this but main chara-ter( puns boi ) has da power so... i...
  • pj
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Alive  (Poth Fanfic) by Blueberryscented
Alive (Poth Fanfic)by Has A Obsession With Poth
Greetings, This is my second actual fanfic. Here's the disclaimers and warnings This will contain: Blood Depression attempts of suicide Self harm Cursing
  • ink
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  • depression
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Lil Peep Imagines by wavybaby1115
Lil Peep Imaginesby wavybaby1115
Just a bunch of random Lil Peep X Reader imagines. REQUESTS ARE WELCOME, JUST PM ME! - - - In Loving Memory Of Gustav Elijah Ahr Rest In Peace Angel, We Miss You❤ "...
  • gothboiclique
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Wolf & Witch by HicksScribbles
Wolf & Witchby Alix
Sean comes from a long line of witches. He doesn't fly around on brooms or cackle over pots of bubbling green whatever, and he doesn't say a spell to do his chores. One...
  • mate
  • friendship
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Goth's Story Comic [Vietnamese Translate] (Updating...) by DoriDoki
Goth's Story Comic [Vietnamese Khảm Khảm
Câu chuyện về một thành viên mới của Geno và Death
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  • reapertale
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Lemons  by alphakenzi420
Lemons by Luna Kenzi
Title says it all I do not own any of the characters but I do ship these together and I will take requests all credit goes to the rightful owners I own nothing all I own...
  • undertale
  • horror
  • wolf
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The Librarian (Goth x Reader) by GraceHunter5
The Librarian (Goth x Reader)by xXKitten_LoverXx
Living with an abusive father who hates monsters was tough but you were able to get by. Now you are starting a new school year at UnderHigh. What could possibly go wrong...
  • fanfiction
  • romance
  • goth
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FRUIT OF THE VOID (Gaster X Reader) by rechtbrecher75
FRUIT OF THE VOID (Gaster X Reader)by rechtbrecher75
Dark, darker, yet darker. The darkness keeps growing in your life. You don't know why, but there's someone relentlessly haunting you. He won't leave you alone, and ever...
  • suicidalthoughts
  • paranormalactivity
  • undertale
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