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MENTAL~NUMBER 0 | The Umbrella Academy by quxxpn
MENTAL~NUMBER 0 | The Umbrella quxxpn
Number 0 - The Psychic " Wow people have gotten way more opinionated and sensitive. " - Juniper Hargreeves cover by @-eyiaro regular updates [ The Umbrella Ac...
  • klaus
  • ben
  • vanya
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Saving Them by AbigailMartin467
Saving Themby Abi
*Book 2 of the Alicia Marie Prophecies* Cover made by Me :) Alicia has returned home to help her family, knowing things have changed too much to go back to normal, but h...
  • telepathic
  • paranormal
  • vampires
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Lasting Premonition- Charles Xavier X Reader by raethegeekywriter
Lasting Premonition- Charles Rae
Humans have always been amazing beings that can do extraordinary things just with intelligence. Humans have also always been merciless beings when people are different...
  • kindofhistoricalfiction
  • sciencefiction
  • romance
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Mommy dearest, why do you want me dead? by lgoffe
Mommy dearest, why do you want lgoffe
Liza has lived her whole life thinking she was a regular teenager, she couldn't be more wrong. She has to come to terms with the fact that she is different, and learn to...
  • angel
  • powers
  • royal
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angel a twilight story by Angelsong12
angel a twilight storyby Angelsong12
Eleanor uley, is 15 years old after her mums death she has no choice but to move in with her dad Sam uley, there she encounters a blood thirsty vampire who only wants he...
  • coven
  • quarterback
  • artclass
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power ♧ №5 by castlestank
power ♧ №5by castlestank
❝Just because I'm a girl does not mean I can't do the stuff you do, in fact, I bet I could do it better.❞ Five wasn't alone in the apocalypse, he had someone with him, w...
  • fivehargreeves
  • diegohargreeves
  • numberfive
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Not the Only Mind Reader by SparkleyStallion
Not the Only Mind Readerby SparkleyStallion
Kait McClure was going to school one day when she finds out, very suddenly and harshly, that she has the X-gene. Her parents hate mutants, SHIELD and the government get...
  • avengers
  • mutations
  • telepathic
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Fooling around (Logan x reader) by Limited_Trust13
Fooling around (Logan x reader)by Iris
The reader is a telepath just like the proffesor. And someone very old, and very grouchy, is her significant other.....things get interesting...
  • loganhowlett
  • oneshot
  • xreader
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Dark Ridge - Walking In The Day by CJRogue
Dark Ridge - Walking In The Dayby CJ Rogue
Kameron is not your everyday teenager. She's part vampire, part human and on a faithful day she meets Peyton who has her own secrets.
  • fiction
  • telepathic
  • romance
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My Protector ✅ by Reighlen
My Protector ✅by Rei
16 year old Ace isn't from around here. She can do things people shouldn't be able to do. She has an organization following her and she is wanted by several different pa...
  • action
  • kidnapped
  • realm
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Help by CaitlinTheSurvivor
Helpby Caitlin Alex Smith
Caitlin Xavier is human. Or she started out that way. Her father is Charles Xavier but she was born human because her mother was not born a mutant. But she still had the...
  • x-men
  • fullrage
  • damaged
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Moonlight sky by eldertoki
Moonlight skyby Elder
What is happiness ,where does it come from,what does it feel like, why do humans love ,love......a word from my mother tongue but yet seems foreign to me ,i want an exit...
  • romance
  • telepathic
  • fighting
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What Was Lost (boyxboy) by LJToo101
What Was Lost (boyxboy)by LJToo101
Thousands of years ago a great empire span across the the globe with a tentative peace among it's people. The ruling Imperial City was filled with peaceful people differ...
  • bond
  • psychic
  • timetravel
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The Mutant Girl by AleyaFanFics
The Mutant Girlby AleyaFanFics
  • telepathy
  • powers
  • xmen
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Lifeline by HRJ121
Lifelineby Hannah Johnson
Nothing has prepared her for what was about to happen. She's been through so much. That however does not compare to the burden of the "Lifeline". Only she can...
  • wolf
  • love
  • emotional
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"Forbidden" by roses_have_wilted
"Forbidden"by Eric Hansen
What happens when two young boys whom have one thing in common the most and that being their eerily similar experiences with a certain kind of abuse? An instant giddy f...
  • friendship
  • younglove
  • erichansen
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Speechless by 80slovely
Speechlessby Ashley
People die. But in this world, they come back. Aubrey and Jason are alone in the ending world together, knowing each other in high school to the point of a small friends...
  • postapocalypse
  • zombies
  • jason
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Inner Voices by chloeboofle
Inner Voicesby chloeboofle
  • angst
  • random
  • telepathy
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