A Human in the I Taskforce?! I don't think so - 2

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I opened my eyes to sun on my face. I shut them instantly swearing at the world. I got up and felt my way over to the window, forcing the curtains closed before I dared open my eyes again. Nia was gone, but the couch was covered with dried blood. She's gonna have to clean that.

I trudged to my closet, jerking out a white knee-length sundress. This one showed a little more cleavage than I liked, but it was comfortable. I yawned widely, marching into the bathroom. I love my bathroom... I took a long shower, washing my hair with my vanilla shampoo, vanilla conditioner and eventually scrubbed down with vanilla body wash.

I stepped out of the shower and dried myself off, slipping on a fresh pair of underwear and the dress. I towel dried my hair and left it, not bothering to do anything else, I left my room. Someone better have made something to eat...

I was awake now, the shower really helped. Awake and hungry enough to eat a village. I followed my nose into the kitchen to find everyone up, clean and snarfing down French toast. No one likes pancakes here. Well, actually Ray wasn't snarfing anything; he was sipping his 'tomato juice' (as I prefer to call it) and still sulking about last night.

Jay was cooking and I've gotta hand it to him, he's the best at it. I grabbed a plate before Chris could get is greedy paws on it and practically swallowed them whole. Yummmmm...

"Who's- up- for- laying in- and- watching- horror- flicks?!" Nick called out in between mouthfuls.

No one else that was eating bothered to say anything, but practically every hand went up.

Two hours later six of us were competing for space on the couch. Nina and I ended up squished in the middle with Jay next to Nina and Nick next to me. Since it was a two person couch I thought it was quite an achievement.

The TV room was in fact huge, with four sofa's surrounding the TV, bean bags in front of the sofas and a lush carpet, but we all compete for space here because it has the best view. Matt sat on a reclining chair just a little ways to our right and Chris lounged out on the beanbags in front of us.

Then the debate started. As always, it took half an hour to decide on the movie. Eventually we settled on 'Haunting in Connecticut'. I have to admit, it was pretty good. Usually I couldn't help but laugh my head off at horror films, but I actually managed to contain myself this time.

Nina was going on about the 'poor human boy'. That I ignored, he's human, I don't care if the ghosts eat him in his sleep. Jay burst out laughing when the ghost zombie things came on screen. He didn't stop laughing until the end of the movie.

Next we chose Underworld, I love that one. It really makes me laugh, but it really is a brilliant movie. We all laughed uncontrollably when Ray came in during the biting scene. He just hissed at us and collapsed into the left armchair.

We decided one more movie before we all got up and went into town for lunch. I refused and refused and refused some more, but we ended up watching 'The Irrefutable Truth About Demons.' It's dumbass movies like that that give us a bad name.

When it was over we all just stared at each other for a long second. Then we all broke down. I laughed so hard that I cried and fell off the couch. The others weren't much better off. It took us at least five minutes to learn how to breathe again, let alone get up to go eat.

Twenty minutes later, we were all piling into three different cars. I'd put on blue flats and a dark blue jacket. Ray decided to not bother coming with us this time. I didn't blame him; I wouldn't like watching a load of people stuffing themselves when it tasted like mud to me.

That and Matt told him that he had to have his room passable for inspection later. Passable for Ray was being able to see a pathway from door to bed to desk. It wasn't that good at the moment.

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