A Human in the I Taskforce?! I don't think so - 13

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We ended up buying a car. The sooner we got out of this area the better and the least conspicuous way to get out with a new car was to guy said car. Matt had given Nick a card loaded with the tax payer's dollars. I'm sure the general public would understand if we explained that we needed it to run from devils.

That or they'd give us strait jackets and throw us in a padded cell...

We drove for until the car needed gas, filled up and drove more. It wasn't until we made it out of state that I started to relax. Nick had started to accept the situation more as we drove and talked. In the end, he wasn't human and we learn to accept things faster as a general rule.

We were heading for Chicago to get on a plane, we weren't sure where yet, but it was going to be to as far away from here as possible. It was roughly a 5 hour 45 minute drive to Chicago, it would have been a lot faster to Detroit, but there was no way I was risking that. There was no doubt that the Detroit airport was going to be watched heavily. Actually the Chicago airport was probably going to be watched closely too... but we were going to have to risk it.

"So given any more thought to where we're going?" Nick asked when we had three hours left.

"How about Belgium?" I offered.

"Chocolates..." he mused. "Sounds good."

"Or Italy?" I said. "It's been a while since I've been there..."

"I do love Italy," he sighed. "Choices, choices."

I laughed at that. It was nice, just being with him like this.

"I think we should just go with the furthest place on the soonest flight," Nick got serious after a moment. "We need to get out of here."

"I know," I took a deep breath. I was trying really hard not to think about what was happening.

I was an idiot. I let my guard down. It couldn't have been just a coincidence... a human joining us at the same time the 3rd Fallen Prince comes out of the blue, pretending that he wanted to get home. I am such an idiot. There was no way it was just all coincidences. He's been looking for me. I don't know why I thought he'd given up on me... damn that stupid prince.

I stared out the window and thought of all the reasons I'd left, the reasons besides the obvious. Devils had killed my brother, they hadn't liked the idea of a male that strong, so he'd been offed soon after his 100th birthday. He'd been a year younger than me.... And I still missed him sometimes. He'd been a strange demon, he'd talked about how things would always get better and how life was always worth living... he'd been nothing like our sisters. They were spitting images of our mother, I'd taken inspiration from him.

Another reason I'd left, I hated the pressure. I'd worked so hard to achieve my status. Demons were still seen as little more than whores to a lot of devils. Satan had turned my mother into a demon because when she was human, he'd been infatuated with her. Well, my mother was beautiful. After she'd been created, she started creating others, lots of others. Before anyone really realized how powerful Lilith was, there were already thousands of demons. We were still lesser creatures compared to devils, but that did not mean that we were weak. I'd hated the pressure of being a high class noble demon, but I'd been infamous, the first pure bred born demon. Only my mother could reproduce and she'd had me, my brother then our little sisters before Satan got jealous and made her exclusive.

Then of course there was the main problem, and his name was Ryder. Damn him. I could have dealt with everything else down there, but not being forced to be with that idiot. No way, I could not stand that. I knew how much my mother hated Satan, she pretended to love him, but she hated him. She wanted to be free, but she had no choice. I had that choice. I was not going to give in to him, I couldn't.

"Victoria!" Nick's yell jolted me out of my thoughts. I swore harshly, turning on him.

"I said to stop calling me that!" I stared at him. "What were you thinking?!"

"I've been calling you for the past five minutes," he looked between the road and me. "You looked like you were in pain."

"I'm fine," I sighed, running a hand through my hair.

I looked at the hair in my hand, the blonde hair. Realization shot through me. I wasn't in some old, brain dead body anymore... this was a brave teenage hitch-hiker who was perusing her dreams. I couldn't drag her body all over the world, I didn't have the right.

"Nick," I looked at him. "We have to go to Arizona."

"What?" he turned and stared at me.

"I promised her," I sighed again. "Jess, we have to take her to her Grand Canyon. Then we can take a plane out of the states."

"Are you crazy?" he turned to look at me. "We have to get out of the country while we can."

"They wouldn't expect me to go to another state," I argued.

"Amber," it was obviously an effort to call me that this time. "We have to get you safe. I won't risk any chance that they might catch you. For all you know they have lookouts in every state."

"I made a promise," I said, holding his stare.

He watched me for another few seconds before looking back at the road. "Fine. You're gonna find another girl in Arizona?"

"Yeah," I nodded.

"Okay," he didn't look happy about it, but he agreed none the less. "We'll catch the next flight to Arizona."

"Thank you."

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