A Human in the I Taskforce?! I don't think so - 8

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Twenty minutes later I was walked unarmed (at least no manmade weapons) into the warehouse were the seven criminals and eleven hostages were. The hostages sat tied up in the middle of the huge building. The cargo's had been swapped for a black micro-mini with tiny shorts underneath to give me the impression of comfort. The sleeveless top was now a skin-tight strapless midnight blue one. The shoes hadn't changed, but the knives were gone. Actually I still had a flip knife in my now strapless bra. My hair was down and fell around my shoulders, that was inconvenient, but helped with what I had to do.

There were four criminals armed to the teeth standing around the hostages. Three telekinetics and one werewolf. The other telekinetic, werewolf and fallen were sitting against a few pillars a few feet away.

They all looked up when they heard me come in.

"Who am I negotiating with?" I asked calmly, stopping a few feet in front of the hostages.

"That would be me," the fallen angel walked straight up to me, stopping half an inch away. He was a good six inches taller than me.

"I hear you want a hell portal," I kept my voice light and calm.

"Can I have a name?" he leered down at me.

"Victoria," I smiled. Professionally, I kept my mind blank about the flirting, I've had to do it before. Only I hadn't had Nick on my mind before... it made it harder.

"I'm Azel," he smirked. "So, Vicky, do we get our portal?"

"If you release a hostage, we can talk about it," I smiled slyly. Slowly, very slowly, I was introducing my seduction power into my voice. If I was careful, he wouldn't notice and I could get this mission over with fast. I wanted to make this fast.

"Not so fast," he turned around to face the shaking men and women. "If I release one of these lovely people, I'll have less control over you now won't I Vicky?"

"Don't think like that," I smiled, walking up beside him. "Ten is still..." I walked in front of him, meeting his eyes. "A lot of influence." I smiled suggestively.

"I like you," he laughed. "First demon I've ever met outside of home and you're making a damn good impression."

"Happy to help," I leant up against him. "Now... about that hostage."

"Not yet," he smirked. "You have to give me something I want first."

"I can't give you a portal yet," I pouted adorably. "Because how can I be sure you'll let these people go?"

"You can give me this," he leant down. Oh crap...

I squeezed my eyes shut and just let the murdering stranger kiss me. Again, I was used to this. It comes as part of the job description, but that didn't mean I had to like it, I just had to pretend that I did. His arm was around my waist before I knew it, pinning me against him. The other hand was wound in my hair, holding my head to him.

It was friggin long kiss.

Finally when he was done, he let me step back. I was doing my best not go gag. I was forcing that annoying sly smile on my face, my hands linked behind my back to make me look innocent at the same time as pushing my chest out.

"Can I have a hostage now?" I asked sweetly.

He looked around the room. The other men were all looking at me hungrily. Oh serious crap...

"I think we can do that," he laughed. "Just one, then we talk about the portal."

"Deal," I beamed.

I walked airily over to the trembling hostages. They were all looking up at me with desperate wide eyes. Damn it I hate choosing worse than anything I've had to do yet. One of the women was pregnant and holding hands secretly with a man.

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