A Human in the I Taskforce?! I don't think so - 1

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"Sir," the man held out the files to his general. "I have completed that mission you required of me."

"How many did you find?" The general opened the file.

"Eight sir, all with diffrent abilites, all powerful."

"How many men?"


"Two women then."

"Yes sir."

"This is exelent work James," the general looked at the files proudly. "I will put you in charge of gathering and leading this group of people."

"T-thank you sir!" James stuttered, shocked at his new sucess.

"The I taskforce," the general smiled. "This should work very well."

The file:

Name - Christopher Lock

Species - Werewolf

Abilities - shifting into a wolf, tracking, enhanced senses in human form, heals wounds faster than a human

Age - 19

Group Position - Second Level

Birth Place/time - Canada 1990

Family - still in Canada

Past History/profession - none

Name - Matthew Harker

Species - Mind Tell

Abilities - Telepathic, telekinetic

Age - 20

Group Position - LEADER

Birth Place/time - London, 1989

Family - None, orphan

Past History/profession - none

Name - Jay Tomas

Species - Necromancer

Abilities - Brining back and controlling the dead, communicating with the dead

Age - 17

Group Position - 2nd Level

Birth Place/time - New York, 1992

Family - Alive spread through America

Past History/profession - none

Name - Nina Storr

Species - Angel

Abilities - Flying (wings), healing, speaks every language known to man and beast, can create strong beams of light

Age - appears 16

Group Position - Second Level

Birth Place/time - came to earth in London, 1800

Family - sister, whereabouts unknown

Past History/profession - adopted into noble family, heiress

Name - Justin Marks

Species - Elemental

Abilities - control of the four main elements

Age - 18

Group Position - 3rd Command

Birth Place/time - Chicago, 1991

Family - none, died in house fire

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