A Human in the I Taskforce?! I don't think so - 12

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I tried not to think as I packed. I shoved all comfortable spare clothes into a small suitcase along with my toiletries, a towel, two pairs of shoes and a few pictures. I changed into a slightly too tight black tank and jean shorts. Nina was there all along, helping things fit into the bags, reminding me about my toothbrush.

Into my laptop bag I shoved my phone, money, ipod, laptop and passport; just in case. I was packed. All I needed to do now was get away. I had to change bodies. It would be strange considering how long I've been in Victoria, but I had to if I was going to escape.

Nina propelled me into Matt's room like she was more terrified than I was. The guys all looked up in mid-conversation. They all looked pale and a little shaken, even Justin.

"I need to change bodies," I said before anyone else could speak. Nick and Chris' eyes widened like they just realized this wasn't my body.

"Right," Matt nodded. "You can borrow a local girl and we'll get her home once you move on."

"We have to go," Chris recovered. "Now."

I hitched my bag up and turned on my heel.

"I'm coming with you," Nick came up to my right as we speed-walked down the hall. "We've agreed on it."

"No." I said instantly. "I refuse to let you get involved with this Nick."

"I refuse to let you go alone," he shot back. "I'm a big boy Victoria, I can take care of myself."

"It's not going to be Victoria for long," I said. "I'm going to change into a new body and this one will dissolve into dust, it's too old and I'm the only thing

keeping it like this. Can you handle that?"

"Yes," he said without hesitation.

"We'll see," I murmured.

We were outside and Nick was in the front of one of our jeeps seconds later. I gave everyone a second long hug, lingering on Chris for two seconds.

"Don't stay here," I told Matt solemnly. "No matter what you say Ryder will think you know where I am. Torture is too mild a word for what he'll do." I took a

deep breath. "Please, don't stay here."

"We won't," he assured me. "We're out of here in less than an our. Private jet."

"Good," I wiped my eyes. "Thank you for everything."

"Be safe," he nodded. I gave Chris one last smile before running to the jeep and speeding off with Nick. I waved out my window until they were out of sight.

"Where are we going to find you a new body?" Nick asked after a few minutes of silent driving.

"The first person who happens to come our way," I shrugged. "Just not an old person, that's gross."

He even smiled a little.

"What about a male body?"

"That would sure throw them off our scent, but I don't know how to act in a male body," I said. "If they see a guy in this area acting unsure or like a girl, they'll

check and find me."

"What about her?" he slowed the car.

Sure enough, a teenage blonde girl was hitchhiking at the side of the road.

"Perfect." I said. I saw the uncertainty flash through his eyes. "If you don't want to deal with this, just go back."

"No," he sighed. "I'm fine."

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