{10}- The time when we had the movie night

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Turns out that Ryder's and Kate's houses are near to the school. So both of them wait till I go.

"I guess Britany knows that she should not mess with us" Kate laughs.

"Sure as hell" Ryder adds.
He is just a guy who is into guys. Nothing else. I don't know why is he picked upon for?

Kate points out to a car. It was Dallon's.

"Bye guys. See you on Monday" I say and both of them wave back.

"How was your day?" Dallon asks me.

"Well, I made a new friend, Ryder. He is great. I stood up for him, he is bullied for just being gay. I mean, why do people do that" I say.

"I am proud of you" Dallon smile and I smile back.

"Which reminds me. I got an A plus in music. I sang your song on an acoustic" I say.

"Which one?"

"Love at first sight" I reply.

"This is amazing!" He exclaims.

"Dad I was wondering if I could call my two only friends for a sleepover this weekend" I say.

"Not this weekend. The boys are coming for a movie night on Sunday" He says.


"Tell me more about school, and we will buy something for sunday" Dallon smiles.

"Okay, so this girl, Britany comes upto us--" I explain him everything and he starts laughing.

After some time we reach our local market.

"Dad can I take some sour patch" I ask.

"Okay but not too much. I don't want you to have a stomach ache" he replies.

"Stop being such a dad" I roll my eyes.

"I happen to be your dad" he throws his hands in air.
I take some sweets and Dallon takes some beer and ice cream for me. "Should I take some more beer?"

"No I won't have beer" I chuckle.

"Not for you" he rolls his eyes. "For the boys and me"

"How will I know that?"

"Point" he smirks.


Dallon and I were making food for tonight when my phone buzzed. It was Ryder.

What are you doing today? Kate and I are bored.

I text back:
My uncles are coming over for some movie night, dad told me about.

He texts back:
Ohh come onnn

Suddenly a call comes. It was Kate.
I pick it up.

"Come on Pheonix. Come here, we both are bored as hell" Kate shouts from phone.

"I can't my uncles are coming over" I say.

"So what? It is not as if Pete Wentz is coming over" she says.

"Wait, let me ask Dad" I say and hold my phone. "Dad is Pete coming?". Dallon nods in a 'no'.
"No Kate, he is not coming?"

"As if he would come" I hear her and Ryder, snickering.
My poor kids. They have no idea.

"Ya okay okay. See you tomorrow" I saya and hang up.

"What was that all about?" Dallon asks.

"It was Kate and Ryder. They were getting bored and I told them that I was having my uncles over so I would not come" I explain.

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