{24}- The time Levi and I freak out eachother

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Phoenix's POV

"Hey fangirl." Brendon calls me.

I frown before saying, "What?"

"Pass me the beer can."

"Magic word." I demand.

"Just pass it, fangirl." He smirks.

"Uncle Bren, say the magic word." I say.


"Uncle Bren."

"Pretty please." He gives his best fake-smile.

"That's more like it." I chuckle and give him the beer.

I sit with my phone, I was texting Levi.

Lev: so, were you really killing Brendon?

Phe: ya kinda(; he was bugging me

Lev: hahahaha you both are kids.

Phe: he is, i am not

Lev: listen phe, I wanted to talk about that day

Phe: which day, we talk almost everyday ;)

Lev: the day, you and Ry were on stage

Phe: ya what?

Lev: do you really love me???

I quickly close the chat and call him. I move away from Brendon so that he does not listen to me.
Hey, he puts his big forehead in every little thing I do. Dallon does not do that, he keeps an eye on me, but does not do any stupid thing along with me.

"Woah, that was fast." Levi croaks from the other side.

"I cannot talk about this over the phone." I state.


"So yes, Levi Harris. I love you." I say and there is silence on the otherside. I freaked him out.
I shouldn't have said it. I freaked him out. I hang up.
I walk back to my bunk, while looking down. I slip inside and close the curtain, and close my eyes with a blanket over my head.

"Fangirl." Brendon whips open the curtain. "What's wrong?"

"I am trying to sleep, Uncle Bren." I lie.

"Stop lying." He says.


"Tell me or I'll have to call Dallon." Brendon says.

"Which reminds me. Where is Dallon?" I ask.

"Gone to bring himself some medicines." Brendon pauses. "A-a-a, stop changing the subject."

I frown, "How do you do that, every-single-time."

"I am awesome, and I know it." He says in a sing-along style. "You are doing it again!"


"Changing the subject." He says. "Come on fangirl, tell me what's wrong."

"I kinda confessed to Levi, that I love him. And I think that I freaked him out." I say. "He did not say anything."

"It's okay, fangirl. You are kids. Even if he does not love you, so what? There will be a long line of guys before you." Brendon ruffles my hair.
"Who will have to go past us."

"But what about Levi?"

"Are you sure that he did not say anything?" He says and points to my phone. "Because I think he wants to."

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