{6}- The time I get to know why was I adopted

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I get up peacefully.
I was tucked in my bed. Maybe I fell asleep back at Uncle Brendon's house.
I cannot believe that this man is my uncle. I remember our little food fight. It was epic.

Thanks to Dallon, I am happy all over again. I may miss my mum, but he is doing the best he can. Maybe I can do much better and be a good daughter to him.

Dallon is still asleep. Good for him.
Just like yesterday, I make tea for myself and a cup of coffee for him.

I move out to the backyard and I notice a ladder. It gave me an idea, I hope Dallon does not get angry.
I pick up the ladder and place it near the rim of the roof.

There was a little space between the rim of the roof and ladder. I jump to the roof.
"I am alive!" I exclaim.

I carefully lie down on the roof and stare towards the sky.
This was the time when I almost closed my eyes but heard Dallon shouting my name.

"Out here dad" I shout and see him coming out and looking for me.

"I can't see you"

"Up here" I say.

"How the hell did you reach up there?" He asks.

I laugh and point towards the ladder.
"Come on up"

Dallon easily climbs to the roof, because he is so damn tall whereas, I had to jump.

"What are you doing here so early in the morning?" He asks me, as he kisses my forehead.

"Nothing. Just had an idea and jumped up here" I giggle.

"Nice" he smiles and takes out his phone.

"Hey hey, don't unlock your phone. Enjoy this"

"Okay kiddo" he laughs. "Do you happen to have an instagram account?"

"N-no I don't" I croak.

"Come one, don't lie. Every kid at this age happens to have an instagram account" he laughs.

"I'll make a new account" I say.

"What about the old one?"

I cannot tell him. He just cannot know about my instagram account. Well, it was a fan account. The problem is that it is for him.
I cannot tell him that he used to be my celebrity crush way before I was adopted.

"It was a fan account" I reply in a low voice.


"It was a fan account" I repeat, this time a bit louder.

"Fan account?"

"Yes" I say slowly.

"Really for who?" He chuckles.


"Really! Me. I am flattered" he laughs. "Thank you"

"Okay, okay. Now don't mention it to another soul" I say.

"Me? Wow" he smiles.

"Stop it dad" I say.

"Okay kid. I accept my defeat" he raises his hands. "What do you want to do today?"

"I don't know. I feel like sleeping for the entire day" I yawn.

"Okay. You sleep and then in the evening we go out for dinner" he says.

"Do I have to dress up for it?" I ask.

"Well yes, I don't think that its right to wear your night shorts to a restaurant" he chuckles.

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