{28}- The time Brendon and I get grounded

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"Dad!" I whine. "Uncle Brendon is singing horribly!"

"Am not." Brendon shoots back.

"Am too." I say.

"Am not." He says.

"Am too." I stomp.

"There's a reason why they gave me the vocalist of the year award." Brendon smirks.

"There might have been a mistake." I say.

"Was not."

"Was too."


"Shut it, the two of you." Dallon shouts and to be honest, Brendon and I jumped a little bit. "All of us are done with you two constantly fighting. Make up, fast."

"Nu-uh." Brendon and I say in unison.

"Okay fine." Dallon crosses. "You are grounded, Pheonix."

"What? Why?" I say while Brendon laughs.

"Stop laughing, Brendon. You are also grounded." Dallon says and I fall down laughing.

"Ouch!" I rub my butt. "Serves you right."

"Dude, what the hell? Why me?" Brendon raises his hands.

"Shut up. Both of you are staying here and while we all go for swimming." Dallon says.

"Okay, now that's cruelty." I point.

"Served you two right." Kenny says. "My ears had started ringing with you two shouting all the time."

"We call that singing." Brendon says.

"No, Uncle Bren. What we do is actually shouting." I whisper.

"Damn it."


"I am locking you two in. And if you don't make up by the end of the day, then consider all of your technology taken." Dallon says.

"Daaaad!" I whine and he gives his 'dad' looks. "Okay, fine."

"Uh Dallon." Brendon raises his hand.

"Yes, Brendon. I'll take your phone and games too." Dallon sighs.

"You are bad." Brendon whines.

"You know I'm bad, I'm bad. I'm really, really bad." Dallon sings and locks us in. He really needs to stop doing that.

"I hate you." I mumble.

"As if I don't hate you." Brendon snaps.

"As if I don't hate you." I imitiate him. And he imitiates me back.

I pout and star imitiating him, "Oh look at me, I am Brendon. My net worth is 4 million dollars, I got so much money to buy clothes but still walk around shirtless."

He tries to supress a smile, "Oh my God, I am Phoenix, and my dad is my celebrity crush. I am such a fangirl." And waves his hands around like a maniac.

"Fear me, peasants. Of me and my high note. The ones that you cannot hear but only my dogs can hear. I have no life except of periscoping." I say and he throws me a pillow.
I pick it up and start trashing him with one of it.

"Gosh, fangirl. Stop it. My forehead." He laughs and I also start laughing. He turns to me and starts tickling me. "Say, that I have a life apart from periscope."

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