{19}- The time I confess and things almost go south

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A couple of more concerts then Dallon would come back to take his place.
I like playing here. Pheonix thought. It has been a week since the 'Levi-Britany' kissing incident. And Pheonix was still ignoring him.

Dallon, Ryder and Levi had gone out to buy somethings for the boys.
"Tell me what's wrong?" Brendon asks.

"Nothing Uncle Bren, really" Pheonix repeats.

"You know you can tell me. Also I am really good at this stuff." Brendon whispers.
Why is everybody telling me this?

"Thank you Uncle Bren. But I don't need your help" Pheonix says.

"Phe, you like him" Brendon chuckles.

"No, I don't" she says.

"Yes you do" Kenny adds as he sips on his beer.


"Come on"

"Yeah, just say it. We won't tell anyone"

"Pheonix just say, its just us. We are not going to say an--" Brendon says, but Pheonix cuts him off.

"Yes, yes. Yes I like Levi. But he likes someone else. I found him making out with someone else." She shouts. "I accept it Uncle Bren, I like him. That's it. Yes, I have a big crush on him. Happy now?"
Pheonix feels tears rushing out of eyes.

"Pheonix--?" She hears Levi's voice. But she was already a mess to hear him. She runs to her bunk. Climbs to the top bunk and closes the curtain. She takes the blanket and drapes it over her head.

"Pheonix? Its me Ry" Ryder whispers. But she ignores it. She was already crying. "Talk to me, Phe" he says. But she continues to ignore him.
Disappointed Ryder goes back with his head hanging.

"Sweetie look at me" she hears Dallon's voice. She peers out of the blanket and looks at Dallon, who had a slight smile on his face. "Come on, I can see that you can see me"


"Its me" he smiles and Pheonix gets up. "Talk to Brendon, he is really sorry"

"I don't want to talk to anyone" she hugs him.

"Talk to him, for me" he smiles. "He is really sorry"

"Fine" she frowns.

Dallon gets off. "Bren you're up"

Pheonix gets up and wipes her face with the edge of her sleeve. Brendon slides the curtain, revealing a slight smiling Pheonix.
"Hey kiddo" he smiles. "I am really sorry, I did not mean to make you cry"

"I am sorry for shouting" she replies.

"You should not be sorry. It was because of us. I might not be your Dad, or Ryder with whom you share things. But you are like a niece I have never had" he says. "And I really regret pressuring you to accept that you like Levi"

"Uncle Bren, I love you. And you don't have to be sorry" she hugs him.

"There is someone who is dying to talk to you" he says.

"Who?" Instead of replying Brendon ruffles my hair and walks out.

"Pheonix?" She hears Levi's voice.


"I-I did not that you liked me" he stammers.
Big news, I had just announced it.

Pheonix stays silent and lets Levi to continue. "Even I like you" he says and Pheonix was speechless.
"There was a reason why I went with you that day and left Britany standing there. I really, really like you"


"Let me take you for a date." He smiles.

"What?!" She hears Dallon's voice. Dallon and the boys had been listening to them the entire time. Pheonix flips open the curtain and stared at all of them. She could see Dan and Brendon standing with their hands covering Dallon's mouth.
Brendon had almost jumped on Dallon, just to make him shut up. "My daughter is going on a date?"

"I am going to ask you, Dad?" Pheonix states the obvious.

"Mr. Weekes can I take your daughter for a date?" Levi asks, fearfully.

Dallon looks at Pheonix before saying anything. "If she wants to, but you know if my kid even gets a scratch, I am gonna come for you." Dallon threatens. "--or I will let Kate loose on you."

"Thank you so much" Levi smiles, his face was already red. "Come on let's go." He was so excited that he held Pheonix's hand.

"S-sorry" He immediately leaves her hand and brushes his blond/sandy coloured hair. Pheonix had never seen him being so awkward.

"Have fun" Ryder hugs her.

Levi and Pheonix were walking, not talking much. Suddenly things had become pretty odd between them.

"So?--" Pheonix drags.

"This so damn awkward" Levi blushes and Pheonix nods in confirmation.

"Taco Bell!" Pheonix exclaims.

"Let's go" Levi smiles putting his hand forward. Pheonix also smiles and takes his hand. Both of them enter the place and give their orders. "Pheonix I need to tell you something?"

"Shoot" she replies as she bites into her taco.

"I just have to get it off my chest" He says. "I have liked you from the day, I had entered that class. From the time that teacher mispronounced my name to today. I do not give a hoot about Britany. I really like you"

"Levi, I--"

"Pheonix, will you be my girlfriend?"

"Yes, Levi" She hugs him.

Pheonix was not aware of the fact that Levi was already in love with her.

Both of them sat in the garden, which was slightly near the tour bus. Levi's hand was intertwined with that of Pheonix.
"I had never thought that moving to this school will end up so good" Levi smiles.

"And I had no idea that being adopted by Dallon would turn out so well" she giggles.

"What do you mean?" Levi says. "I don't like you because you are Dallon's daughter. I like you for you"

"I don't kno--" she was saying but got cut off by Levi's lips crashing into hers. She felt so good. Levi held her face in his hands and kissed her, again.

"HE KISSED!" Pheonix hears Dan's voice. She breaks the kiss and both of them look at the onlookers.
"We should probably go--"

"We are going, but Dallon might not be happy to hear about this" Brendon says, slowly.

"Why are you guys stalking my daughter?" Dallon appears from nowhere.

"We are gonna go and get ready for the show" Brendon says and walks away with all of them. Only Dallon, Levi and Pheonix were left.

"Levi--" Pheonix signals him to go.

"Uh, okay" he gets up and also walks away.

"What's going on?" Dallon asks.

"Dad, I kissed Levi" Pheonix stammers.

"You kissed?"

"Well, technically he did but I did not break it" she clarifies.

"He kissed! He is so dead!" Dallon exclaims.

"Dad, no wait" Pheonix holds him. "I really like him"

"I won't kill him, till the time ke keeps you happy" Dallon says.

"Thanks Dad" she hugs him and Dallon kisses her head. "Oh My God!"


"I just remembered. I left Levi alone with Uncle Bren and the rest."

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