{9}- The time I stood up for someome

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Next morning, I was up early.
I dress up quickly, when Dallon walked in. "Pheonix get up--" he looks at me."Damn this kid is actually excited about school."

I take my sketch book and walk out of my room.

Dallon kisses my forehead before dropping me to the school. "Call if anything is wrong?" He says.

"Same with you" I smile and close the car door.
I could sense that he was laughing behind the car door.

I walk towards my locker, put my stuff in and take my Chemistry books out.
I turn around and see Zachary approaching me.

"Hey, you are Pheonix? The new British kid" he says.

"Yes that would be me" I reply.

"Zachary" he says and moves a strand of hair off his face. "Anyways see you later in English" he waves and walks away.

"Doesn't he has the cutest smile?" Kate says and I literally jump.

"You scared me" I exclaim but she does not respond. Maybe she was dreaming about Zachary. "Can I be your maid of honor at your wedding?" I say and she starts laughing.

"Yes sure" she giggles.

We both move to our first class and Britany approaches me.
"Stay away from my boyfriend, you emo bitch" she snaps.

"I am not even interested in him" I smiply say.

"Just stay away, I am warning you" she snaps and walks away.

"Or she will throw a lot of make up on you" Kate says and I start laughing.

Kate and I were taking notes when my phone buzzed. It was Uncle Kenny.

Hey my little tea lady. How's school.

I text back:
Till now. Nice. How are you and dad doing?

He texts back:
Right now he is telling me not to text you. He is saying that I should let you study. Anyways see you this weekend.

I smile and put my phone back.

"Who was that?" Kate whispers.

"My uncle. Just asking me, if I am having fun at school or not" I reply.

"Cool family" she says.

After sometime we head to our music class.
"For today's class each one of you will perform a song of your choice on your choice of instrument" Mr. Quinn says.

"Cool. I am going first" Kate almost jumps and takes an acoustic guitar.

"So I'll be playing 'Thanks for the Memories' by Fall Out Boy" she says and starts strumming. She sings the first verse.

I get up and hug her. "You are amazing" I say.

"Thank you" she smiles.

"That was nice. That's an A for you" Mr. Quinn says. "Now who's next?"

"Me" I raise my hand and take the acoustic from Mr. Quinn's hand.

I start strumming 'Love at first sight' by The Brobecks. I think, that I heard Kate whisper/yell "I know this song"

Could this be love at first sight, or should I walk by again?
You're photogenically dressed, the conversation begins.
Oh god, now what did I say? Let me start over again.

Could this be love at first sight, oh wait I said that before.
I need a place for the night, happy to sleep on the floor,
But don't go out of your way and I won't talk anymore.

Turn the lights off, I'm in love...
Wouldn't you like to, wouldn't you like to, kiss her?
Wouldn't you like to, wouldn't you like to, dance with her?
Darkened nights and violent things, vaudevillian girls and violin strings,
All of these are the prettiest things when I'm... in love...

I sing and when I stop everyone was clapping.

"Really good. You just scored an A plus" Mr. Quinn smiles.

"Thank you" I say.

"That was amazing. You sounded like the female version of Dallon Weekes" Kate exclaims.
If only I could tell her that Dallon is my dad.

Soon it was break. Kate and I sit at our usual seats with our food trays.
I see some boys picking up on Ryder.
I cannot see this.

"Lets go and talk to him" I say.

"Try. He doesn't talk to anyone. I have tried. He wants to stay away from anyone" Kate says. "But lets go if you want"

We both walk towards Ryder and he looks down at his tray.
"Hey I am Pheonix and this is Kate" I introduce us.

"I am Ryder" he says in a low voice.

"Well, well. See what do we have here. A faggot who has found friends of his own kind" I hear Britany saying. "Its good that you found a friend of you category"

"All right bit--" Kate was fuming but I hold her arm.

"See atleast someone used her mind and stayed at her place" Britany and her friends laugh.

"Lets see what do we need here" I get up and look at her. She looks back at me with a confused look. "I know, a mirror and some more make-up. Because what you have right now if not covering your entire face. Trust me sweetheart, you need more"

Britany snaps and walks away. Kate and Ryder laugh. "I love your sarcasm and your British accent" Kate says between her laughs.

"Guys you should not sit with me. Or you will also be picked upon" Ryder says.

"I don't care." Kate says.

"You barely know me. Why do you want to be friends with me?" He asks. "I am what they say, a faggot"

"We are you friends, don't give a bloddy damn about what they say. You are good and we know it. Trust me" I say. "This is what my uncle told me, I don't judge people upon whom they love. I am happy with my friends as long as they are my friends" I say.

"Really nice uncles you got there" Kate smiles.

"I know" I smile as I think about all of the boys. "Come on, we have a class to attend" I groan.

"Well you two have fun in History" Kate chuckles and leaves.

"Thank you for standing up for me" Ryder says.

"Don't say. We are your friends" I reply and he simply smiles.

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