{1}- The letter

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"No dad don't leave me"

"Sorry Phe, I cannot keep you with me now"

"No dad" I shout as people pull me in.
"Leave me I want my daddy"

"Its okay sweetie" a woman says.

I see my dad walking away, I keep staring as his shadow also walks away with him.

"You won't hurt me right" my eight-year old self says.

"Why will we hurt you sweetie" the woman says.

"Just like that" I lie and they pull inside.

I wake up as I hear a loud crash.

"Bloody hell" I shout as I look at another broken alarm clock.

"Another one" Maya says.

"Another one" I repeat.

"You had the same dream didn't you" she asks.

"Same dream" I reply. "Anyways, I am sorry for the alarm clock"

"Its okay. It is where its supposed to be" she laughs. "Get up and come down for breakfast"

"What's for breakfast?"

"Your favourite" she smiles.

Pancakes it is. Seriously Maya makes the best pancakes in Britain.

I get up to take a shower. And sing 'Mama' by My Chemical Romance. Lets not go deep in that topic.

"Will you hurry up?" Billy shouts as he pounds the door.

Meet Billy Smith, he is an orphan just like me, same music interests etc. The only thing that makes us differ from each other is that he is my bully.

"Shut up" I pop my head out. "Look what's behind you, your bestfriend, a spider"

Maya told me that Billy was scared of spiders. I don't want to go deep in this topic also.

I put on my Fall Out Boy tank top and wear my blue pair of shorts and move out of the shower.

Suddenly Billy starts chasing me down the room.

"How dare you try to scare me?" He growls.

"Because you happen to be a dumb-bell" I reply.

"Shut it the two of you" Maya shouts and we both freeze on our tracks. "Mail for Pheonix"

Billy snatches the letter off her hand. "Hey thats mine. I rarely get any mail" I groan.

"Shut up" he rolls his eyes.

"Bloody ass--" Maya gives me the stare. "Okay atleast read it"

He clears his throat and says in his dramatic voice, "Dear Pheonix Matthews, we are pleased to tell you that you have been adopted by an American family" he trails off. "You are adopted"

"Will you complete the letter?" Maya scolds him.

"Yes sorry" he looks down. "By an American family. You will be leaving your current foster house on 17th March and will be leaving for Los Angeles. And blah, blah, blah"

"Wait" Maya cups her mouth. "Today is 17th of March"

"Hell no" I say. "I don't want to leave"

"Phe, you had to leave this house one day or another" Maya says.

I notice that Billy had gone out of sight and the letter was on the floor. I pick up the letter and now my ticket falls out.
I have only 6 hours till the flight.

"What if the new family does not turn out to be good?" I say.

"Look at the bright side" Maya rubs my shoulder. "You might have been adopted by Batman"

"Maya" I simply stare. "Batman lives in Gotham city not LA"

"You have a point" she fake-scratches her chin. "Anyways, get ready and start packing, you have a flight to catch"

I walk towards my room when I hear someone sobbing.
"Billy is it you?" I ask. "Open the door"

He opens it and looks down.
"Hey why are you crying?" I ask.

"You are adopted and now I am left here. No one wants me." He says.

"Bloody hell. You are great, even you will be adopted" I side hug him. "Anyways do you want this?" I hand him my fake-spider.

"I am not scared anymore" he says.

"Thats more like it" I smile. "Be good when I am not here"

"Get the hell outta here" he laughs.


"You ready?" Maya asks and I nod. "Phe, seriously you have two bags and a guitar?"

"Yes" I say. "I don't buy much, remember?"

"Okay, I am gonna take that you have been adopted by Batman" she says.

"I am gonna miss all of you" I say.

"Me too kid" Maya hugs me.

"Get away before I start crying" Billy says. "Bye"

"Bye guys" I say and get into the cab.

"Where to?" The driver asks.

"Airport" I reply.

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