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If you are reading this, then it means that you are really stupid to read this.

I am kidding (maybe, maybe not).

Anyways, I am Pheonix Matthews.
Well used to be Matthews now am Weekes.

You might ask how?
Well, even I don't know how it happened. You might want to ask my adoptive dad, Dallon, about that.

About me,
I was 8 when my real family and I moved from Britain to America. We all were happy for the first 2 months when my mom, Alex, died in a car accident.
My dad, I don't like talking about him. Well he left me at an adoption house back in Britain.
Yes I hate him for that.

Anyhow, I lived in that shithole for sometime when I was transferred to a foster house.
A couple of my first foster parents were idiots, like actually. Don't get me started on that. Anyways,(I do a lot of anyways, don't judge me on that) I ran from there.

So the adoption people found me and then put me in another foster house. There I met Maya, my new foster mother. She was cool, like actually.

She was into the music in which I was interested. Like Panic!, Fall Out Boy, My Chemical Romance and Twenty One Pilots and etc.

Now to the story as to how I became Weekes from Matthews.

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