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Hallelujah // Brendon Urie by urieeeeee
Hallelujah // Brendon Urieby Ireland!
Good girl meets bad boy Good girl falls for bad boy Bad boy doesn't. ....
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prick | ryden by -smileyross
prick | rydenby oof !
"jesus christ, are you ever not an annoying prick." or where brendon meets his new neighbor, ryan, who always finds a way to annoy him highest ranks; #1 in jo...
  • wattys2018
  • panicatthedisco
  • boyxboy
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Band Texts - Emo Quartet X Reader by Fucking-Way
Band Texts - Emo Quartet X Readerby Alexandra Way
FEAT. Panic! At The Disco BRENDON- Brendong Urie/Bleepo SPENCER- Suspenders I Don't Know How But They Found Me DALLON- Tree Man/Dallon Stallon RYAN- Ryan Semen Fall Out...
  • petewentz
  • joshdun
  • ryanseaman
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The Good, The Bad, and The Dirty by panicatthedisco41287
The Good, The Bad, and The Dirtyby 🖤
He was so perfect. When I first got to that school I thought I would never even find a cute boy, boys are always ugly at my school. But he wasn't. He had dark brown hair...
  • brendonurie
  • dontthreatenmewithagoodtime
  • panicatthedisco
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The Fate of the Fallen by Beebolover12
The Fate of the Fallenby Fuck A Silver Lining
THIS IS NOT A STORY ABOUT NICOLE ROW AND BRENDON!!! Nicole is just an average girl, not believing in what the news says. But, what happens when she meets the world's mos...
  • jonwalker
  • panicatthedisco
  • dallonweekes
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Adopted (Book 1) *EDITING* by My_fallout_disco
Adopted (Book 1) *EDITING*by Your boi
Sydney was only 3 when her mom and dad died in a tragic car crash. After that, she spent the next 12 years living in different foster homes. Her life all of a sudden cha...
  • panicatthedisco
  • urie
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Brendon Urie Imagines and Smuts *New One Pretty Much Everyday* by abskebabz
Brendon Urie Imagines and Smuts * x Random Fangirl x
Imagines, Fluffs and Smuts starring the wonderful, Brendon Boyd Urie *I TAKE REQUESTS*
  • fanfiction
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Crazy = Genius (Brendon Urie) by satanuriesays
Crazy = Genius (Brendon Urie)by satanuriesays
I was trapped with him in an asylum. And he was a fucking maniac.
  • panicatthedisco
  • shelleyhennig
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Late at Night | Brendon Urie x Reader by SkeletalDun
Late at Night | Brendon Urie x "Late at Night" Author
It just went downhill so quickly...... First my wife, Sarah, cheats on me. Then most of my friends abandon me. My music career had ended because I had to shoot someone...
  • patd
  • selfmutilation
  • divorce
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Just One Regret || Brendon Urie by SecretJungle88
Just One Regret || Brendon Urieby ~ Zoe ~
Who could love me? I'm out of my mind. He was at the climax of his journey and swimming with triumph with his wife right by his side. "We did it." He asserte...
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Only Fifteen (Peter Parker x Reader) by GuardiansOfTheDisco
Only Fifteen (Peter Parker x GuardiansoftheDisco
"Do you wanna..." (Y/N) takes a deep breath. "Make out or something?" "What?" I nearly spit out my coke. She wants to make out with me...
  • clintbarton
  • sciencebros
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Brallon Fluff Oneshots by exclusively_brallon
Brallon Fluff Oneshotsby Your Author
Fluffy Brallon one shots I write when I'm bored. Enjoy reading.
  • dallon
  • brendon
  • shot
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Ryden Hell: The Sequel by _ItsBetterIfYouDont
Ryden Hell: The Sequelby Erin
B!: heyyyyy Ryebread: hey ? Ryebread: whomst B!: wow already forgot huh B!: here maybe this will help Bren!: ? Ryebread: oh my god Sequel to the shit storm that is Ryd...
  • brendonurie
  • ryden
  • ryanross
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Adopted By The Uries//B.U & S.U by FaeleciaUrie
Adopted By The Uries//B.U & S.Uby Psychourie
When you're in foster care, getting adopted by literally anyone is your dream. Getting adopted by your hero is an even better deal.
  • brendonurie
  • dallon
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Best Of Lives ; ryden by Cyercari
Best Of Lives ; rydenby Tyler ➵
? "Everytime I wake up, I'm fucking terrified somebody else might take my place as the person you're supposed to hate," "Why?" "Because at least...
  • mychemicalromance
  • peterick
  • wattys2018
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Strictly Business // Brendon Urie by urieeeeee
Strictly Business // Brendon Urieby Ireland!
Brendon Urie is a multi-millionaire, and Quinn Sawyer is a sweet innocent intern. What happens when they cross paths? I don't proof read this so sorry
  • romance
  • brendonurie
  • fanfic
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the class nerd : a ryden fic by elvisdepressedly
the class nerd : a ryden ficby MOVED TO @MILKCAFES
brendon is a fuckboy. and he's been with practically everybody in his year group. apart from... the class nerd. copyright 2017 elvisdepressedly on wattpad. cover art is...
  • rydenfanfic
  • panicatthedisco
  • ryanross
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Master Urie (Brendon Urie X Reader) by deannacat100
Master Urie (Brendon Urie X Reader)by Deanna Argent
I knew something was strange about that man when I first lied eyes on him. He would stare at me with dark brown eyes that were almost black like death. I wanted to learn...
  • lester
  • fanfiction
  • ghost
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First Base // Ryden by panicking-ryden
First Base // Rydenby jada ?
Brendon was a boy in love. Ryan was the pitcher for the school baseball team. {Just a ryden baseball au I thought would be cute!} Brendon's POV
  • wattys2017
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  • ryro
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Church Boys † Brendon Urie by AnxietyAtTheBall
Church Boys † Brendon Urieby ✧ JΔY ✧
You can't make a Church Boy out of an Atheist, but you can make a Bad Girl out of a Christian. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ A Brendon Urie Fanfic
  • panicatthedisco
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