{22}- The time when the boys get to know that Dallon used to be my celeb crush

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I make chapter titles as if they are Fall Out Boy songs.

"What happened?" Phoenix asks.

"You pulled off a Kate." Ryder giggled.


"You fainted."

"But I saw Fall Out Boy!" She exclaims.

"And also you called Brendon 'milk'" Ryder reminds her.

"Ya, he'll be angry. Will he?" She looks down.

"You must be Dallon's daughter." Patrick emerges from the door.

"Yes, and you must be Patrick Stump." Phoenix says, really rying not to fangirl in front of his idol.

"That's me." He smiles. "You play pretty well. And that sarcasm of your. Wooho."

"Thank you." She gushes. Suddenly her phone rings. It was Kate. She picks it up, hearing Kate shouting with excitement.
"I missed you too, Kate."

"Check your snapchat!" She yells. Ryder opens his snapchat and sees a snap from Pete Wentz. It was a video of them singing and hugging each other. It was captioned Amazing.

The boys had left the room, to see Panic! perform. Phoenix looks around the room, carefully. And then turns to Ryder, and both of them start yelling in excitement. "Oh, my God. Oh My God."

"I know, I know." Ryder shakes his hands. Suddenly Phoenix feels tears coming out of her eyes. "Hey Phe, it's okay, don't cry." He hugs her.

"Happy tears, hap--" She breaks down.

"Oh my God, Phe. I know that feeling." Ryder consoles her. "I had the exact same happy moment when my mom happily accepted me being gay."

"I had no idea that my idols would see me here. This is all because Dallon adopted me, he was not there to save me, I would be still stuck there, shuffling between foster homes." She pauses. "If he was not there, I would be still thinking that I am totally worthless. I would cut myself and just hope to die."

"We all are always there for you, and Dallon loves you. You would have been successful even if he hadn't adopted you." Ryder says. "You are amazing on your own."

"Thanks Ry."

"Clean up before Dallon comes and asks." He smiles. She gets up but her phone rings again. It was Levi face-timing her. She picks it up.

"Hi." Levi simply gives his ever-soothing smile, which make Phoenix feel good about herself.

"Hey." She smiles.

"Don't forget me." Ryder jumps in.

"You two were awesome tonight. I saw Pete's instagram." Levi says.

"Say-what!" Both exclaims in unison.

"Yeah." Levi says.

Ryder frantically opens his instagram and see Pete's post. "Oh Gods, it is really us!"

"You guys were actually amazing." Levi smiles.

"Thanks." Phoenix blushes.

"I need to go before my mom starts shouting and calling me for food." Levi chuckles.

"Bye, love you." Phoenix smiles and ends the call, the last thing she saw was Levi's blank/shocked face. Even Ryder was looking at her with a a different expression. "What did I do now?"

"No, nothing." Ryder replies instantly. Phoenix puts her head on Ryder's shoulder and closes her eyes.


"Dude, milk?!" Phoenix hears Brendon half yelling-half laughing. Phoenix and Ryder get up instantly, who were already sleeping.

"Oh come on Brendon, grow up." Kenny says.

"I won't." Brendon giggles and turns to Phoenix. "I have a humongous bone to pick wi--." He pauses. "--Wait, were you crying. Shit, are you okay?"

"Yeah, yeah. I am okay." She smiles. "And I am really sorry for calling you 'milk' on stage. It just came out like a natural fangirl instinct."

"Fangirl instinct?" Dallon chuckles.

"Oh come on Dad, you know that I used to be a fangirl."

"Yes, and you used to have a really big crush one me." Dallon laughs and instantly regrets saying it.

"What!" All of the boys say in unison.

"Nothing." The father-daughter say in unison.

"No seriously, back up. Phoenix had a crush on you." Brendon asks.

"No." Phoenix instantly replies and Brendon looks at her by making his eyes small. "Everybody does!"

"You still had a crush." Dan giggles like a small girl.

"Now, I don't!" She clarifies.

"Really?" Kenny smirks.

"Yes people. Yes, I don't have a crush on my dad."

"I believe you." Brendon smirks.

"Why do I have a feeling that you are being sarcastic." Phoenix squints her eyes.

"It's not that only you can use that line." Brendon sticks out his tongue.

"Thanks Dad." She rolls her eyes.

"It came out like a natural dad instinct." Dallon shrugs his shoulder.

"I am going to sleep." She says moving into her bunk.

"Dallon sleep carefully. She might jump into your bunk." Brendon chuckles.

"Ha-ha" she laughs, sarcastically.

"Shut the fuck, Bren." Dallon slams his shoulder.

"Dad be careful, or Uncle Brendon will jump into your bunk." Phoenix pops her head out of her bunk and sees a stupid look on Brendon's face.

"Okay, that was a good one." Brendon smiles.

"What am I? A target for you two!" Dallon raises his hands. "Nobody is jumping into my bunk."

"Okay Father." Phoenix chuckles.

"Geez, Dad. Chill." Brendon shrugs his shoulders.

"Hey, Uncle Bren. Call him 'Daddy'." Phoenix whispers/giggles.



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