{7}- The time when Dallon shrieked like a girl

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I get up and glance at the clock. It was 2 in the afternoon.
Holy--How long was I asleep.
I move out and see Dallon sitting with his guitar.

"Good morning" I rub my eyes.

"Good afternoon" he smirks.

"Should I make lunch?" I ask.

"You know how to cook?"

"I ran from foster homes. Survival skills" I giggle.

"Should I help?" He smiles.

"And you know how to cook?" I ask.

"I lived alone. Survival skills" he imitiates.

"Real cool dad" I roll my eyes.

"Hey even I get to be sarcastic" he laughs. Suddenly I remember. I need 'somethings'. And I don't have 'them'

"Dad I need them" I stress on 'them'

"What now?" He asks.

"Them dad, them" I stress.

"What Phe, what" he stress on 'what'.

"Do I really need to explain?" I clear my throat and say in my philosophical tone. "See, when a girl, grows up and reaches a certain age, she experiences--"

"Got it" he raises his hands. "God you kids" he chuckles before leaving.

"After all he is my dad" I laugh on how awkward we are.

I make some salad and open my phone.
"Whom should I bug today?" I ask myself.
I go through my contacts.

He'll know that its me. So, no.

Dan the-man.
No. He'll also know.

Uncle Kenny
I need to give him a nick name. Maybe him.

Yes. Him. He won't know that its me.

I text Brendon.
Whatsup forehead?

Brendon texts back:
Forehead? Who's this?

I text back:
I had gone for dinner with your boyfriend last night.

Pheonix? Dallon is not my boyfriend!

I text:
That is for you to say.

You are so english that it is confusing me.

I laugh and put my phone away. Soon Dallon comes with my 'things'

"I asked Sarah about it. She told me to buy this. I have no idea and I am really awkward about it" he says.

"Okay. I get it" I laugh.

"And also, I am not Brendon's boyfriend" he says as he shuts his phone.

"I believe you" I say.

"Why do I have a feeling that you are being sarcastic about it?"

"Come on dad, I believe you" I laugh. "By the way, when do I start school?"

"Tomorrow" he says as he munches on his salad. "This is good"

"Tomorrow!" I exclaim.

"Stop scaring me Pheonix" he exclaims back.

"You are telling me this now" I say.

"Sorry, it slipped my mind" he says.

"You are right. I'll go to school tomorrow" I say.

"This the first time I have seen a kid being so happy about going to school" he laughs.

"I have my reasons" I laugh with him. "I need to ask you something"

"Anything" he smiles.

"I actually need a normal life. I mean that I have a dad. And I need a life like a normal teenager. Not the kind that children of stars have" I say. "I hope thats okay with you"

"I am totally okay with that" he smiles. "Even I wanted that you tell no one in the school that I am your dad"

"Thanks dad" I hug him.

"Eventually people will know when you go on tour with us" he says.

"Oh, cool." I shrug.

"Should we go shopping?" He asks me and I nod.


After sometime we reach the mall and I literally pull Dallon towards Hot Topic.

"You are my daughter. Why do you still need band merch?" He asks me.

"I was a fan girl before you adopted me. So I am sticking to my fangirl oath" I say.

"Okay kid, you win" he laughs. "By the way, does this oath really exists?"

"Yes kinda does" I laugh with him.

After shopping for me I offer that we shop for Dallon too.
"Seriously kid, I have enough clothes" he says.

"No you don't I checked" I say.

"So you were the one who had arranged my clothes" he says and I nod. "Thanks kiddo"

Dallon tries on a few clothes. And I did not find them good.
"Yes dad this will look good. At my funeral" I say. "Because I won't be there to see you wearing this"

"God, you are much more sarcastic than Patrick" he shrugs and moves back into the changing room.

I get up and look for some clothes for him. I pick up a pair of cargo jeans and unknowningly open the changing rooms curtain.
Dallon stood there shirtless and shrieked like a little girl.

"Pheonix Weekes" he exclaims.

"Sorry dad. I thought that you changed" I say. "I did not know that you are so slow"

"Ha ha. I just died laughing" he shouts from inside.

"Sorry dad"

"I believe you" he replies. I have a feeling that he is laughing, even fron the beck of the curtain.

"You are being sarcastic, right?" I ask.

"I was your celebrity crush. So it makes sense" he replies. Yes, he is laughing.

"Seriously dad, why are we back on the topic" I say, rolling my eyes.

"You wanted to see me shirtless, so you did" he sticks his head out of the changing room.

"I am going home" I say. "You were my crush way before I was adopted. Not now"

"Okay kiddo" he moves out. "I am buying this and then we go home" he puts his arm on my shoulder.

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