{29}- The time when Dallon goes out on a date

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The tour has ended

"So what do you think?" Ryder asks me.

"I think that's a good idea. But I don't know if Dallon will agree to it." I reply.

"Just ask him once, and I'll ask mine." Ryder smiles.

"Okay, it's gonna be awesome." I say, as he walks out.

Soon Dallon comes home and I bombard him with my question. "Tell me, Dad. Will you go?"

"Well, she is beautiful." Dallon smiles.

"So that's a yes!"



"I mean, yes. Yes, I will go on that date." He ruffles my hair and pours himself a glass of juice. "You kids."

"We kids, are awesome." I clarify.

"Retreat to your room." Dallon laughs.

"If I retreat. Words, wars and symphonies, make room--" I sing and Dallon runs to catch me.
I run to my room and lock the door.

"Phe, open up." He shouts.

I ignore and call Ryder. "He said yes."

"Really? Even my mom said yes." He sounds happy.

"Dallon was blushing like a kid." I laugh.

"Even mine was! So how about tomorrow?" He asks.

"Yeah, cool." I say and hang up.

"Pheonix Weekes, who are you talking to? Open the goddamn door!" Dallon was still shouting.

I open the door and only put my head out, "You know, that Uncle Bren won't like it if I keep the door open."

"I was waiting for this." Dallon chuckles.

"And oh, congratulations you are going on a date with Ryder's mum, tomorrow." I state.

"So what are you kids now? Matchmakers?" He makes himself comfortable on my bed.

"Yeah, something of that sort." I chuckle and snuggle in him long arm.

"You kids." He says and puts his arm around me.
Soon I pass out into deep sleep.


"Dad! Get up." I say, his arm was literally crushing me. Longer his arm was, the heavier it felt.
I say his name again but he does not move.
"Aagghh!" I yell on the top of my voice.

"Aagghh! What happened?" Dallon wakes up with a start.

"Your arm is crushing me, Dad." I say.

"How about you eat some food, so that you don't feel crushed." He rubs his eyes.

"Me and eating food? That might just happen." I mumble.

"Come on, take a shower and I'll make some food." Dallon gets up.

"What about you?"

"I don't take showers." He grins.

"Ew, ew, ew. Don't you touch me. Take a shower, because you have a date." I say.

"I'll have to take a shower." Dallon says, as if he was doing some deep thinking. "Okay, I'll take a shower."

"Gosh, you are gross!" I say.

"As if you are not!"

"Point noted."


"Dad, you ready!" I yell.

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