{21}- The time I said 'Milk' in front of thousands of people

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The boys had gone with Dallon, who was getting his cast off. And when they came back, they saw Phoenix crushing Ryder with pillows. "I guess I left my daughter, back at the hospital" Dallon says.

"Oh hey, Dad" Phoenix lifts her head.

"And I am totally okay" Ryder croaks, who was being crushed by Phoenix, who was sitting on the pillows, which were on him.

"You are going to kill that kid!" Brendon says.

"No not really" Phoenix replies.

"Yea, not really" Dallon confirms.

"You, father-daughter duo, are fuckin'--" Dallon glares at him, "--fishin' nuts"

"Phoenix, I can't breathe" Ryder yells.

"Promise that you won't do it again" Phoenix says and he nods. She gets off him and Ryder was able to breathe again.

"What made you do this?" Kenny asks.

"Well, I was recording him, singing and he saw that I was recording it and he hit me with a pillow. So, I trashed him" Phoenix chuckles.

"Dallon" Brendon tugs his shirt and says like a kid. "I am scared"

"Call him 'daddy' once!" Phoenix exclaims. And everybody looks at her with raised eyebrows, along with confused looks.

"Alright, that's enough" Dan raises his hands. "How much sugar did she eat?"


"I am really gonna miss playing on the stage" Phoenix says.

"How about you do the acoustic tonight" Brendon suggests.

"With Ryder!" Phoenix says. "I mean, he can sing, really well"

Everybody move their heads and look at Ryder, who had a frown on his face. "It has now been established that Ryder can sing. Please rewind this, so that I can hit her" Ryder says.

"Oh shut up" Phoenix says and unlocks her phone to show Brendon the video.

"I had deleted it!" Ryder shouts. "Damn these Iphones!"

Phoenix shows the video to the boys, and they seemed pretty happy about this. "That's it, you and Phoenix tonight on stage." Brendon says.

"I am scared" Ryder says. "I don't want to"

"Dude, you sing really well" Kenny says. "You should sing tonight"


"Come on, it'll be fun" Phoenix says. "What should we sing?"

"I was thinking--" Ryder pauses and looks at the boys, he whispers. "Northern Downpour"

"Ryder, this is awesome!" Phoenix exclaims.


"Hey, Uncle Bren" Phoenix shouts.

"Yup" Brendon looks up from his phone.

"Can we sing Northern Downpour tonight?" Phoenix shouts and Ryder face-palms himself, so hard that his hand would have passed through his face.

"Yeah, okay. It'll be cool." Brendon smiles and goes back to play on his phone.


"Phe, help me tie this." Dallon shouts from his/Phoenix's room.

"What?" Phoenix pops her head out of the bathroom. Dallon smiles and lifts his tie. "Wait for a second." She says, as she sets her clothes right and tie her hair in a long pony. She walks out of the room and stands on the chair. "Can I cut your legs?"

"Oh my God! Why?" Dallon covers his legs.

"You are way too tall, and I cannot hug you properly or tie this without standing on a stool" Phoenix replies.

Dallon picks her up, to his torso level and smiles before saying, "Now happy?"

"Yes" She giggles.

"Are the father-daughter ready?" Kenny shouts from the outside.

"Comin'" Both of them shout back. Phoenix quickly ties the tie around his neck and both of them move out. "Ry, you ready."

"I am near shitting my pants right now." Ryder says. "Sorry for cursing." He looks down.

"It's okay kiddo." Brendon pats his back and moves to do his hair.

"Just think about Brendon, shirtless." Phoenix whispers and Ryder playfully punches her.

"Dude seriously stop." Ryder blushes.

"What?" Dallon intervenes.

"Nothing" Both the kids say in unison. Dallon looks at them with a confused look and moves away.

"Guys and kids, I've got news" Dan enters. "Fall Out Boy is coming today"

"I am fainting" Ryder says spreads his arms.

"And I'll be there holding you." Phoenix smiles.

"Try taking deep breaths." Brendon says. "Hey kid, get off that phone and breathe." He points out to Phoenix.

"Okay." She fake-pouts and does so.

"This might help slowing the heart rate and will help you not to faint." Brendon smiles and all of them turn to him with shocked looks on their faces. "Yes, I know stuff!"

"Someone else's heart is beating way too fast because of someone." Phoenix giggles and Ryder glares at her.

"What?" Brendon scratches the back of his ear.

"Nothing, nothing." She giggles.

"Something is going wrong between these two." Dallon points out.

"Dad will we meet Fall Out Boy?"

"Yes." Dallon smiles. And Phoenix slaps Brendon's arm because of excitement.

"What wrong did I do to you?" Brendon shouts, sounding hurt.


"Give it up for my niece, Phoenix and her friend Ryder." Brendon shouts on the microphone and Ryder squeezes her hand.

"Let's go, Ry." Phoenix holds his hand towards the stage. Ryder smiles and both walk out to the stage. "You'll do good."

"You kidding me! We will do good." Ryder smiles as they move out.

"Make me proud kiddo." Dallon kisses her forehead. "You too, Ryder." He simply smiles.

Phoenix takes her place with the guitar in her hand and Ryder does with the mic. Ryder looks at Phoenix before starting. She fake-kisses him, pointing out that he should start singing. Phoenix starts strumming.

"If all our life is but a dream, fantastic posing greed...." 

Soon the song ends and Ryder runs to hug Phoenix. "Thank you." He whispers. Phoenix feels tears coming out of her eyes. Both of them turn towards the audience, and wave to them. The crowd cheers in response. The boys come towards them.

"Okay enough of appreciation for them." Brendon chuckles. "Get off my stage."

"Milk." Phoenix grumbles, forgetting the fact that she was on the mic.

"What did you say?" Brendon looks at her.

Shit! "Nothing." She says and Ryder pulls her off the stage.

"You had to say something." Ryder grumbles.

"Sorry, it slipped my mouth." Phoenix looks down.

"But that was hilarious." They hear someone's voice from behind. Both turn together and see Patrick Stump standing behind them, with Pete Wentz, Joe Trohman and Andy Hurley. "Hi, I am Patrick." He extends his hand.

"Ryder." He takes his hand.

"Oh God." Phoenix says and suddenly everything goes black in front of her.

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