{15}- The time when Kate neither faints or shouts

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"Where am I?" I wake up with a blurry image of a woman, I guess. "And you are?"

"School's nurse" the woman smiles. "How are you feeling?"

"I cannot feel my face"

"Its good then, I have given you the medicine. It has numbed that part of your face" she replies. "That jerk hit you pretty hard"

I chuckle on 'jerk'. "I have no idea what's on my face"

"Should I call your parents?" She asks.

"No, thank you" I say. My dad has a broken arm, because of a SKATEBOARD.
"Can you write me a consent for home?"

"Okay" she nods and passes me the slip.
I move out of the room and see Ryder half-dozing. "Ry" I shake him.

"I am awake!" He rubs his eyes and gasps as he looks at me.

"We are twinning" I laugh.

"You are an idiot for hitting him" he says.

"Its okay. Anyways I am going home" I show him my consent.

"Even I am" he shows me his. "You are an idiot"

"Thanks Ry" I say, as I put my arm around his shoulders.
Ryder and I take a bus back at my/Dallon's home.
I quickly text Kate.

Phe: Ry and I are going home. See you later<3

We were on the bus when Ryder said, "Pheonix, can I tell you something?"


"Zachary kinda asked me out" he says in a low voice.

"Oh my God! Ryder, I am so happy" I hug him and accendally hurt my face and his too.
"Sorry for the face. But I am so happy!"

"Me too" he smiles, sheepishly.

"Aww my kid" I smile.

After sometime we reach home. I ring the bell, and Dallon opens it. His leg was getting better.
"What are you kids doing here? Are you not suppossed to be in school? Did you two skip--" he rambles and I lift my head, so does Ryder.
"What happened?" He gasps and lets is enter.

I explain everything, whereas Ryder kept his head down.
"I am sorry Mr. Weekes, this is because of me" Ryder says.

"No, no, Ryder. It is not anybody's fault" Dallon says. "Are you two okay?"

"Kinda" I say. "My face still hurts"

"Kiddo" he sighs. "Keep yourself outta trouble, will you?"

"Sorry Dad" I fake-pout.

"You two, come here" he hugs us, and keeps his fractured arm up.
"I am ordering chinese, anyone?"

"Us!" Ryder and I say in unison.

"Okie" he smiles and turns to his phone.

"I wish that I had a Dad like that" Ryder whispers.

"You have Kate and me" I say. "And Zachary too!"

"I know" he smiles.

"Food's here" Dallon yells.
Ryder and I run to the table. "Where is Kate? I have never seen the three of you separately?"

"She's at school" Ryder glances at his watch. "Will be here any moment?"

"OPEN UP!" I hear Kate's voice.

"Speak of the devil" Ryder rolls his eyes.
I open the door, and Kate stood there fuming.

"You two, went home without telling me?"

"I sent you a text" I say.

"I forgot my cell at home" she says in a low voice. "Anyways, how's your arm, Mr. Weekes?"

"Getting better." Dallon smiles. "Chinese?"

"Thank you" she giggles. "You two, say thanks"

"Why? I am not saying it to you" Ryder replies.

"Shut up" she groans. "So, Mr. Quinn asked me why you two were not here, so I told him everything. And I got Mike suspended for a week. You're welcome"

"Thanks man"

"I know" she fake-flips her hair. "And oh, Zachary was looking for Ryder"

"Well" Ryder drags. "He asked me out!"

The smile fades from Kate's face and makes an 'oh' expression. "I am happy"

"Its okay, Kate. I know that you like him" I rub her shoulder.

"No, no. I don't like him." She replies. "Its just something else. But most importantly, I am happy for you, my son"

"Geez thanks mom" he says.

"I need to talk to you kids" Dallon approaches us. "Kate, promise me that you won't faint"

"Can't really promise on that" she giggles.

"Okay, I am gonna take a precaution for that" Dallon chuckles. "I can take one of you two with me and Pheonix to the tour"
Suddenly Dallon covered his ears in case Kate starts shouting.

But Kate remains silent.

"I am really happy, but--" she pauses. "My parents are taking me to Hawaii for vacations. I want to go to the tour!"

"I'll have to ask my mom" Ryder says. "My mom will be happy, after all I stay alone at home all the time. For a few cities, she'll say yes"

"Its good then" Dallon sighs. "The boys would have been really happy if Kate would have come along"

"Even I want to Mr. Weekes" Kate smiles. "But its Hawaii!"

"I know, Hawaii" I say.

"Have fun, the two of you" Kate hugs us.

"Hey, I don't know if I am also going or not!" Ryder exclaims. "But I have a feeling that mom will say yes"

"Cool then, you tell me whether you are coming with us or not" Dallon smiles.

After sometime both of them decide to head out.
"--And I'll be back with my gorgeous tan" Kate does jazz hands.

"Why am I regretting going back with her?" Ryder whisper/yells.

"Anyways, bye Pheonix" Kate yells and pulls Ryder with her.

"Nut jobs" I laugh and close the door. Brendon would be happy with me.
"My face hurts"

"Why the hell did you punch him?" Dallon asks.

"Why did you buy a skateboard?"

"Okay, shoud we call it even?" He asks.

"Okay" I shake his okay hand.

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