{8}- The time I go to school

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"Phe get up. You need to go to school" Dallon shakes me. I groan loudly. "I know that feeling kid, I really need you to get up."

I drag myself out of the bed. And take a quick shower.

For the first day of my school, I decide to wear a Twenty One Pilots t-shirt and black skinny jeans with it. I don't do much of make-up and move out of my room.Dallon smiles as soon he looks at me. "Thats my beautiful daughter" he kisses my forehead, I smile and drink my tea.

He really flatters me alot. He has to know that I am not be spoiled.


"Remember--" he says but I cut him off.

"Remember not to tell that you are my dad, attend all classes and call you if anything is wrong" I complete. "I know it Dad, we have gone through it already"

"Just making sure, and if anyone troubles you. Make sure you kick their butts, because I am not saying anything. Or you might just hurt them with your sarcasm" he chuckles.

"Does my sarcasm hurt you" I ask.

"Sometimes. But I enjoy it" He smiles.

"I'll try to control it. And you remember--" now Dallon cuts me off.

"To tell you everything, even if something is wrong" he completes. "I know that mom" he laughs.

"Okay, okay. Love you dad, bye" I say and get out of the car. "Here goes nothing" I sigh and walk towards the reception. Isee a sweet looking lady at the desk. She looks towards me and asks my name. "Pheonix Matthews"

"Here is your timetable" she hands me a print out.

"Thank you" I say but she does not bother. Okay, she might not be a sweet looking lady.

1st hour: Chemistry
2nd hour: Maths
3rd hour: Music
4th hour: History
5th hour: English
6th hour: Music

I love Dad. I have 2 hours of Music. Can you believe it? I am the luckiest kid. He knows how much I love music. I love him.
But I don't understand why do I have maths.
Its okay, I should not dread on Maths. I have Chemistry also. Why dad, why?

I walk towards a class, trying to find my class.
Suddenly somebody taps my shoulder. I turn around and see a guy standing behind me.
"You are new here?" He asks me and I nod. He was really cute, he had sand-ish coloured hair and had brown eyes.
"Which class?"

"Chemistry" I croak.

"Thats the one right down the hall" he says and winks before going.
I don't know but I got a major fuckboy alert signal!

I knock before entering the class.
"Come in" I hear a woman's voice. I enter the class. "Welcome dear, I suppose you are the new kid" I nod.

"Pheonix Matthews" I say.

"Have a seat Pheonix Matthews the kids will soon storm in" she smiles and I take the seat in the front.

Soon the other children come rushing in but there was one girl who came in as if she owned the place.

"I am glad that you could join us Britany" the teacher, whose name was Mrs. Williams says sarcastically.

"Sorry Mrs. Williams, I had an emergency back at the enterance" she fake smiles and glares at me.
What did I do?
"Get up" she says.

"Sorry?" I say.

"Keep your fake english accent in the garbage and get up from my seat you emo bitch" she says. Whoa, calm down.

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