{35}- The time when we celebrate Phoenix's birthday

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Dallon's POV

"Hey kid." I whisper/yell.

"Agh!" She wakes up in a shock. "Who died?"

I face palm myself. "It's your birthday." She looks at me with a confused face. "It'll come to you soon."

Suddenly she lights up, "Oh my God, yes. It's my birthday." She hugs me. "Thanks Dad."

"Come on." I pick her up. She was still in her 'Brobecks' t-shirt and shorts.

I take her to the living room. And everybody yells, "Happy Birthday!"

"Oh my God!" She jumps off my arms and hugs everyone.

Well, everyone included: Brendon, Sarah, Dan, Kenny, Tyler, Josh, Ryder, Levi, Kate and Breezy.

Now don't you make that face, just because Breezy came. I like her. Scratch that: I love her.
But she does not know that. And I am planning to tell her that soon.

"Isn't she a fangirl." Brendon laughs and points to Phoenix's t-shirt.

"Hey, I had no idea that you guys will be coming. And I was sleeping." Phoenix defends herself.

"Whatever floats your boat, fangirl." He laughs.

"You cannot use my line on me." She chuckles.

"Don't you two start fighting on her birthday." Sarah butts in.

"Happy birthday kiddo." Tyler hugs her and so does Josh.

"Thanks , Uncle Tyler and Uncle Josh." Phoenix says and finally turns to her friends.

"Hapy birthday babe." Levi quickly kisses her, so that I don't see them.

Yeah, I am happy with that couple. Levi takes good care of Phoenix.

"Your birthday gift is at my house." Kate says.

"Okay, after all this we will go to your house." Phoenix says.

"Cake time!" Kenny yells to get everyones attention. Kenny brings out her cake. He puts up 15 candles on them. "Quickly blow 'em."

Phoenix moves towards the cake and blows the candles. Suddenly I notice Brendon smirking and his hand moves towards Phoenix's neck.

Oh God, I know what is he going to do.

Brendon pushes her face into the cake. "Uncle Brendon!" Phoenix yells.

"Happy Birthday!" Brendon laughs. All of them were laughing.
To be honest, even I was laughing at this misery of hers.

"Awe, I love you guys so much." Phoenix says and moves towards Brendon. "You know, Uncle Bren. How much I love you."

"No, no. Get away from me!" He shouts and Phoenix hugs him, smearing all the cake on her face, onto Brendon's shirt. "Fangirl!"

One by one, she smear cake on all of ours shirts. "Now who is going to wash this?" Dan asks.


"Gift time!" I yell.

I bring out a box. She is going to love this. "O-o, what is this?"

"Open it." I smile.

She opens the box and a small dog jumps onto her. "Dad! I love it!"

"Yes!" I fist pump.

"Dal, you got her a dog?" Brendon asks. "Damn, we are gonna be dog buddies!"

"Please don't ever say that again." I reply. "What are you gonna name him?"

"Zero." Phoenix replies, snuggling into him.

"Cool name." Tyler smiles. "Now our turn." Tyler and Josh give a small paper thin thing.

Phoenix opens it. It was her own Burrito card. "That is what I need the most! No sarcasm." She hugs them. "Thanks Uncle Ty and Uncle Josh."

"I told you she will like it." Josh says making Tyler roll his eyes.

"Our chance." Brendon exclaims. He and Sarah pass her a t-shirt. She opens it and exclaims like a small child.

Diss my fandom and I will burn you

"Aren't you a kid." I laugh.

"Thanks Uncle Bren." She hugs them.


"Dad, we are going to Kate's house." Phoenix says.

"Okay, be careful." My inner dad come out and says.

She quickly kisses my cheek amd moves out with Ryder, Levi and Kate.

I move towards Breezy. I am going to say it to her.

I am trembling but, am going to say it to her.

My inner self is near shitting his pants, but I am going to say it to her.

"Hi Dallon." Breezy smiles. "That was one nice gift, you gave."

Okay, I cannot say it to her.

"T-thanks." I stammer. "Breezy?"

"Yes, Dallon." She smiles, she is so beautiful.

"I want to say something." I croak.

What is with us, daughter-father and croaking in front of beautiful people.

"Yes?" She smiles.

"I--" I was going to say but am interuppted by a screeching sound of tires. Everybody's head turn towards the door and then at me.

"I am gonna check." Brendon gets up and moves out of the house.

"What were you saying?" Breezy brings me back.

"Yeah, I-I--"

"Dallon!" I hear Brendon yelling at the top of his voice. "Call the ambulance!"

We all run out and see Brendon crouched near the road. "W-what happened?"

I see Levi and Kate at the other side of the road. Kate was already crying.

I look down and see Phoenix and Ryder on the ground. Blood running out from their heads.

"Phoenix!" I crumble near her.


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