{12}- The time I get to know that Dallon knows nothing about skateboard

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"What kind of a situation?" I ask.

"Let's get you home first" Brendon replies. "It's kinda stupid if you look at it. But Dallon is not the one to be blamed. All of us are."

"Uncle Bren"


"Tell me" I whine.

"Lets go first" he says.

"Okay fine" I pout. "And next time you come to pick me up. Give a heads up before hand." He simply gives his sarcastic laugh.

After sometime we reach my/Dallon's house.
"Don't freak out" Brendon pats my back. What is he talking about?

I walk in and I see Dallon surrounded by Kenny and Dan. "Dad?" I say and Kenny moves so that I could see him.
I see Dallon sitting with a plaster on his arm and a bandaged leg. "What happened?" I gasp.

"Actually I was cl--" he was saying but Kenny cut him off.

"He fell off the skateboard" Kenny says.


"I was ridin--" he was again cut off, but this time by Brendon.

"He does not know how to ride a skateboard" Brendon says.

"He rode it for a few minutes and then the skateboard tripped over a stone" Dan completes.

"Thanks you guys. I appreciate all of this" Dallon says, sarcastically.

"What the--" I say and Dallon gives me one of his 'dad' looks. "Skateboard. Dad, skateboard!" I shout.
"I cannot leave you kids alone at any point of time"

"Geez mom" Dallon shrugs and I give him a stare. "I mean, Pheonix. Its okay"

"Its not. How will you walk? And do things. Dad you have tour starting in 10 days. How will you play, and the--" I start to panic.

Dan pats my back, "Breathe. Pheonix breathe"

I do so. "You guys are stupid!" I fume with anger. "I could not let you four stay at one place, can I?" I turn to Kenny. "And I thought that you are a responsible person, Uncle Kenny."

"Sorry Pheonix" he looks down. Who am I to shout on them.

"I am sorry guys, I should not have shouted on you" I hug Kenny and he pats my back.

"We kind of deserved it"

"I am sorry guys" I say. "Its just that I have never had anyone to take care of. My real father dumped me. Atleast I have Dallon. I did not want to lose him"

Brendon hugs me and kisses my forehead.
"But dad, skateboard. I can skate better than you"

"And I can play bass better than you" Dallon tries to make a joke and fails miserably at it. "I had to say something. I am not losing this to her"

"With a broken hand. Yes sure" I reply.

"I love you too kiddo" he hugs me.

"Aww you guys" Brendon says. And all of a sudden Kenny, Dan and Brendon hug us.

"Broken arm and leg guys" Dallon whimpers.

"Sorry" all of us say in unison.

"Dad what about the tour?" I ask and suddenly all of them turn towards me. "What did I do now?"

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