{30}- The time when Dallon and Breezy do something that makes us stop our game

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"--Levi is also coming over today?" Dallon asks me.

"Yes, Dad. And so is Kate." I say. But Dallon does not seem satisfied.

"Okay, fine. I trust you." He smiles.

"Quick check." I announce. "Flowers?"





"What?" He flicks my ear.

"That hurt!"

"It was supposed to!" He exclaims. "It's the second date only."

"Just confirming." I snicker.

"You are being really bad." Dallon says. "And I am not liking it."

"Sorry, Dad." I say. Am I really acting like a jerk?
Well he is my dad and I get to tease him.


"Have fun, Dad." I wave them goodbye. They are so cute together.
Only if they--- No, Phoenix, that will be too fast.
But it'll be really cool, if they get---.
No Phoenix, control your brain.

"Open up, idiots. It's me and Levi." Kate shouts.

Ryder opens the door and Kate barges in. "You guys are all alone? I thought Breezy would be there?"

Did I not tell you that, Ryder and I decided not to tell her and Levi about our parents dating. She would have totally freaked out.

"She has gone out for work." Ryder lies. "Let's play something."

"Hey babe." Levi hugs me.

"Don't babe me. I don't like it." I say, quickly kissing him.

"Okay, Ma'am." He smiles. "I love you."

"I love you too." I don't leave him.

"If you two are done, then can we start playing." Ryder says with a pokerface, holding a Monopoly game in his hands.


"--You landed here, on my hotel. You better pay up." Kate shouts.

"But why should I pay for my dog. It's not that it's going to eat something." Levi says.

"I don't know. You pay for it. You landed on my hotel. That's it, just pay." Kate says.

Levi moves his 'dog' on the edge on the place. "See my dog is not even on the thing, so I should not pay."

"Phoenix!" Kate whines.

"Levi, just pay." I say.


"Lev." I repeat and he pays her.

It was Ryder's turn. He rolls the dice and lands on a 'Community Chest'. "You just won a beauty contest, you get 20 dollars." He reads out.

"How can a hat win a beauty contest?" I say.

"Stop being whiny." Ryder chuckles.

My turn, and I land on a train-station. "Pay." Levi extends his hand.

"Why will an aeroplane need a train station to take off?" I defend myself.

"Then why did I pay for my dog. That thing did not even poop there." Levi says.

"My aeroplane does not need a station." I say.

"I don't know, just pay me." Levi says.

"No, I'll go bankrupt." I frown. "Lev, I love you."

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