{27}- The time Dallon almost raised his voice and I ran away

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(Pls no hate on Josh)
Dallon's POV:

"Phoenix!" Brendon yelled, and I turned around. Tyler and Josh were there sitting near her. All of us stop playing and look at her. She was lying unconscious.

"Guys what happened?" I ask.

"We had decided to prank you guys and came out with small balloon balls, and Josh kicked one that hit her right in the head." Tyler says, moving his hand over Phoenix's forehead.

"Tyler and Josh please take her inside." Brendon says. "Dal, will you be able to play?"

"Y-yes, I might." I stammer.

"Hey, I can play and Dallon can see after her." Tyler offers.

"Thanks man. I owe you one." I give him my bass and run backstage.

"Sorry guys, for the sudden--" I heard Brendon saying.

I enter backstage, and see Josh sitting with Phoenix, who was still unconscious. "That was a balloon, how did it hit her so hard, that she passed out?" I ask.

"I don't know, I might have hit it too hard." Josh looks down at her.

"A balloon cannot hurt some one so bad." I say, putting her legs on my lap. I remove her shoes and one of her sock comes out. I see a deep cut near her ankle. Josh and I gasp on looking at it. "How--"

Josh frantically gets up and brings out a band-aid. "Wash it and tie this around it." He says and I nod. How? Why? When? I was with her all the time. I tie it around her leg, "Josh do me a favor and don't tell the boys about it."

"Okay dude." He smiles. "I did not want to meet her like this, I made her faint."

"It's not your fault." I say, moving my hand over her head. "I don't know why did she do this?"

"I saw on twitter." Josh pauses. "Yesterday, the scene on airport. It was all over Twitter, and we were worried."


"Dallon, I know really less about her. But I can guess that she meeting her real dad, would have been really hard on her." Josh says.

"Am I a bad father?, I cannot even keep my daughter safe." I put my head in my hands. "I-I am the worst dad ever."

"No, Dal. You are great."

"You are just saying it to comfort me, nothing else." I say. "She is so amazing, but coming here was a bad idea. Why did she cut herself? I could not save her."

"Ugh, Dad. Ask Uncle Brendon, to stop shouting. My head hurts real bad." Phoenix says, groggily. She gets up, "Oh my God, Josh Dun."

"Hey." Josh smiles and extends his hand.

"Hi." Phoenix smiles, like a small kid. And turns to me, "Dad, what's wrong and why are we here. Shit what about the concert----- Dad, were you crying?"

"Phe, what happened out there?" I ask.

"I don't know, something hit my head and I fainted." She shrugs.

"Phe, please explain this." I point to her leg, and she starts shaking.

"I-i am sorry." She stammers, Josh gets up and moves out to give us some space. "I don't know what came over me."

"Phe, why?"

"I don't know. I am worthless, I got nothing except the fact that a celebrity adopted me. I am nothing on my own." She says.

"You are just a kid. Why do you have to think that you need to have a recognition of your own." I say.

"You had started a career by this age, Brendon was an awesome singer by this age. And me? I am nothing but Dallon Weekes' daughter." She says and I was shocked.

"Phoenix Weekes." I say sternly, "This does not explain the fact that you cut yourself. Josh and I were worried sick, as to why did you do this."

"I am a worthless piece of shit. I am fucking nothing, you took pity on me and adopted me." She says, and I am out of words. "I am n-nothing."

"Phoenix Weekes! That's enough." I say. I don't realize that I had raised my voice, I had never done that. I move out of the room, I don't know how to react to this. I turn around and there is no Phoenix. "Pheonix!" I shout.

No response.

"Phe." I shout almost chocking. My gaze turns to the open window, it was closed before. "Oh God, no"
How did she get out?

I remember Phoenix saying, "I ran from foster homes, survival skills."
"Oh my God, Pheonix. Please no."

I run out from the venue, looking for Phoenix. I shout her name, but there is no response. I shout her name again, but there is nothing but silence. Suddenly I hear a sound, a sound that is made my old swings. I run towards the sound and stumble on a park, I see Phoenix sitting on one of the swings. I move towards her, she was crying.

"You know, what my mom used to say." She pauses, "She used to say, if I am gone, look at those stars. I'll be the brightest one, looking after you."

I stay silent.

"I guess mom, you are not the brightest one in the sky. Because you are not there." She says. "I am sorry, Dallon."

"I am sorry, Phe." I say.

"I shouldn't have said any of those things back there." She says. "I was really angry, and I wanted to do something. I am sorry, dad."

"Can we just stop saying sorry to each other." I say making her chuckle a bit.

"Did I spoil the show?" She asks.

"No, Tyler took my place."

"Tyler Joseph! I love him so much." She gushes. "He might be my uncle, but he is so freaking awesome."

"I know kiddo."


"Where were you two?" Brendon shouts.

"We, uh--"

"We were worried sick about you two, Phoenix fainted and then you both disappeared. I was going to freak out." Brendon says.

"Aww, Uncle Bren, you were worried about Dallon." Phoenix says.

"No, goddammit. I was worried about you." Brendon replies.

"Brendon, I am hurt." Dallon says.

"Shut up Weekes. The little Weekes had fainted, you were hit by a balloon." Brendon says.

"O-o-o, where are Tyler and Josh?" Phoenix asks.

"Hey guys and kid." Tyler slides inside, along with Josh. Phoenix runs and hugs both of them collectively.

"Thank you so much for existing, and helping me." She says, not letting go of them.

Brendon cups his mouth, and says in his 'announcing' tone. "--And the fangirl strikes again."

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