{3}- The time I presented the 'Emo' News for the day

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"How the hell-"
Is he stalking me? Or am I stalking him? What will he get from 13 year old? A couple of clothes, or a couple of chords.

"I am not stalking you" he laughs.
Did I say that out loud?

"Then I might have entered a wrong house" I stammer.

"No its the right house" he says. "I had recognised you at the plane. But I did not want to freak you out. That was a sheer co-incidence that we had the same seats. Even I had no idea that I will meet you on the plane"

"So you are telling me that you, Dallon James Weekes have adopted me" I say.

"Yes, I, Dallon James Weekes have adopted you" he laughs.

I don't believe this. Why will he adopt me, a stuipd, dorky kid?

"I don't find you stupid" Dallon says.
Did I say that out loud again. Pheonix, you need to tape your mouth.

"What say, should I show you your room?" He says.

"Okay" I croak.

How is this possible? Why would he adopt me?

Dallon leads me to a room. I enter and oxygen disappears for me. It was big, had blue walls with designs over it.

"How is it?" He asks.

"Big" I stutter. "This is 4 times I had back in Britain"

"So you like it?" He smiles.

"You have to be kobra kidding me. I love it"

"She is a fan" he smiles as he mumbles to himself.
Even he is kinda dorky, just like me. We will be the best father-daughter pair in town. (She is a sarcastic little person, if you get me)
He'll soon hate me. I am atleast sure of that.

"Do you need help in unpacking those 'bloody' bags?" He asks me.

"No, thanks for all of this" I say.

"Come on kid" he shrugs his shoulders. "Do whatever you want to do then we will go out?"

"Okay" I smile as he walks out.
"Lets get down to business" I tell my bags. Yes, I talk to my bags. I had mentioned it earlier that I am a bit eccentric. Well, everybody is.

I was arranging my stuff, when I heard Dallon calling me.
"Yes?" I say.

"I may totally sound like Brendon, but here is your tea" he smiles.

"Thanks Dad" I smile back. He lights up when I call him 'dad'.

"You done doing unpacking?" He asks me.

"Almost" I reply.

"You can do the rest tomorrow. Come on, finish your tea and come out" he says as he finishes his cup of coffee.
Damn, he drinks fast.

After sometime we both move out.

"Where are we going?" I ask.

"To meet the boys"

"Haven't I met them earlier" I sound embarassed.

"Its okay" he laughs. "I am sorry about the guitar"

"Its okay Dad. Brendon gave me his guitar" I say and he simply nods.  "As a compensation" he starts laughing.

After sometime we reach the studio and Dallon puts his hand on my back, telling me to go and open the door.

"Hey Dallon and--" Brendon pauses. "British lady, hey are you stalking us?"

I look at Dallon with the expression of 'I don't know what to say'.

"She is my daughter, Pheonix" Dallon smiles. "Adopted"

"Pheonix? I thought that it was--" Kenny asks.

"Its only Pheonix" I smile, awkwardly.

"Seriously kid decide, is it Phe, Maya or Pheonix" Dan says.

"Guys stop it. Its only Pheonix nothing else" Dallon says and explains to them about the co-incidence that took place in the plane.

"So you had no idea that Dallon is your new dad?" Brendon asks me and I nod. "So consider my guitar as a welcoming gift"

"Anyways, welcome to the family" Kenny smiles.

"Thank you guys" I smile.

"Quick question" Brendon says. "Rate our songs on the scale of 1 t0 10"

"You kidding me. I love your songs" I fangirl. "Sorry for shouting"
All of them start laughing.

I have a lot if fun with them. Seriously they are really fun. I sing with them while Brendon did his signature high note.

"Hi I am Pheonix from your all time favourite show 'The Daily Emo news'. Today's top headlines, top selling eyeliner sold out in moments of its releasing. Tyler Joseph tells another fan to stay away from Josh Dun. And a lot of animals die upon listening to Brendon Urie hitting his high note. That's it for today. Meet you next week." I say, in my dramatic tone and all of the boys started laughing. Kenny even fell down as he laughed. Dan almost spit out the water in his mouth.

All of them were talking when I fell asleep.

Hey, long flight. I am tired, don't make that face.

I don't know how much time had passed because now my head was on someone's lap and had something over me. A blanket kind of a thing.

I could hear the guys and Dad talking. I pretend that I am still asleep.

"So?" Dallon asks.

"Amazing for now" Dan laughs. "Her sense of humour is amazing"

"I need to tell you guys something" Dallon says. "In her profile, it said that she was diagnosed with bi-polar depression. And she hasn't told me that yet"

How did he--?

"Hey, she met you today only. It will take her sometime to get close to you as a daughter" Kenny says.

"Yes, as far as I know. She sings really nice" Brendon adds. "I hope she makes good use of my guitar"

Should I stop pretending that I am asleep?
No they might think that I am eavesdropping. Well, I am doing it but still.

Suddenly Dallon shakes me.
"Pheonix, get up. Lets go home"

"Yes, getting up" I say, acting as if I were really asleep.

"Bye guys" Dallon says.

"Bye Pheonix" All of them say and I simply wave back.

Should I tell him now?
Not now.
I will. He is my dad. He has to know.
I wish he does not send me back.

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