{32}- The time Dallon scared the hell outta me

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"What the hell do you think is happening here!"

"Dad, no." I say. Levi wakes up with a start.

"I work, leaving you thinking that you will do your work or click pictures. But I come back to see you doing stuff with Levi." Dallon accuses.

"Oh God." I say, "Dad, we were not doing any stuff. He had a bruised eye, so I told him to stay here. I had no idea that we both would fall asleep."

"Levi leave." Dallon says.

"No, Mr. Weekes." Levi says, "Nothing was happening here, she helped me with my eye."

Suddenly Dallon starts laughing. "I scared you."

"Oh God. Dad!"

"You should have seen you face. 'Oh God, Dad no'." He imitiates me.

"Dad." I whine.

"No, but seriously were you--"

"No." I whine.

"Are you sure?" Dallon raises an eyebrow, still hiding a smile.

"Yes Dad. Nothing happened here, we both had fallen asleep. Levi had a black eye."

Dallon looks shocked. "How?"

I tell them everything. "--And that's why Ryder thinks that I am a slut.".

"And that is why Levi has a black eye." Dallon asks.

"Yeah, I beat the shit outta him." Levi sounds proud.

"I am gonna kill that boy." Dallon grits his teeth.

"No, Dad. Don't do it. I don't want to spoil his life." I say and both of them look at me dumbfoundedly. "What Levi did is enough. I don't want Zach to spend the rest of his life confined to a bed."

"Only of you say." Dallon kisses the top of my head. "And please remember that I trust you and I never thought that you were having sex with him. I know that you won't."

"Come on. I am making dinner." Dallon picks me up. "Levi, stay for dinner, and you know that I cannot hear a no."

"Let me text my mom." Levi smiles. "Also its raining, so she might allow me to stay for dinner."

"Cool." Dallon puts me down at the kitchen cabinet. "Tell me what happened with Ryder, everything." He whispers.

I sigh and tell him everything. "--so Levi understood and told me to talk to Ryder and Ryder totally shut me out. I tried to convince him but he did not listen to me. Breezy said that she would talk to him. But I don't know what has happened now."

Dallon hugs me, "Kid are you sure that you are okay?"

"Yeah." I say. Suddenly I hear a 'click' sound, we both turn and see Levi standing with his phone in his hand.

"Sorry, I had to." He chuckles.

I get off the cabinet and run behind him. "Levi, don't post it anywhere."

"Okay, I won't." He laughs.

"Can you both keep it a bit down, till I make dinner." Dallon yells.


"Did you ever try for some cooking competition?" Levi asks.

"I tried, but they kicked me out." Dallon laughs.

"You should try out. Because this is good." He says.

We keep the plates in the dishwasher and Levi stands near the door. "I should go now, before my mom starts interrogating me like an officer."

"Bye, love you." I kiss his cheek.

"Thanks for today, Levi." Dallon smiles and Levi simply waves and walks away. "He is a good boyfriend. I should've known before saying anything. But I scared the hell outta you two." He laughs.

"I swear I could have fainted then and there." I laugh with him.

"Come let's watch a movie." He picks me up.
What is with him and picking me up?

Suddenly the door bell rings, it was still raining. I open the door and see Ryder standing in rain, shivering. "Ry?"

"H-hey." He shivers.

"Oh God, come in." I say, he enters and I quickly pass him a towel. "What are you doing here in the rain?"

"I-I c-came to s-say sorry--." He was stammering terribly.

"Dad, can you give him some of your clothes?" I interuppt him.

"I din't think that would fit him. They will be really big--"

"Dad?" I look at him blankly.

"Clothes. Coming right up." Dallon says and moves to his room.

"Ryder, you are an idiot. We could have talked tomorrow or over the phone." I say.

"I-I h-had to t-talk this now." He replies. I notice that his voice was cracking up. Dallon comes with the clothes and slips them inside the bathroom. "T-thanks, Mr. Weekes."

"Does Breezy know?" Dallon asks and I smirk.

"N-no." He says, from the inside.

"You kids." Dallon says, quickly dailing Breezy's number.

"You just need an excuse to talk to her." I chuckle.

"Oh shut up." Dallon says. "Oh no, not you. I was telling it to Phoenix." He walks out.

"Kids." I shrug. The next moment Ryder comes out, surprisingly without his beanie. "Care to explain?"

"I saw Zachary making out with Britany." He cracks up.

"Levi beat the shit outta him, but that man-whore still had the nerve to make out with that she-whore." I say, making him laugh a bit.

"I am sorry, Phoenix." He cries a bit.

I hug him. "It's okay. Even I am sorry for shouting at you."

"I am sorry that he forced you."

"Hey, it was not your fault." I say.

Suddenly my phone rings. It was Kate. "Do you know where is Ryder? Breezy is freaking the hell out!" Kate shouts.

"Kate, chill. Ryder is at my house. Dallon called and told Breezy." I say.

"What is he doing at your house? It is raining so much outside." She shouts.

"I will explain it to you later." I say and she hangs up. "Let's watch a movie."

"I should go home." Ryder says.

"I am not sending you home in Dallon's clothes." I say making him laugh. "Seriously, stay the night."

"Okay." He smiles.

We both move out of my room, and see Dallon still talking on the phone. "Dad?"

"Okay, gotta go. Bye." He quickly says and hangs up. "So how are you two?"

"Were you talking to Breezy?" I smirk.

"No. Maybe. Ice-cream?" Dallon rambles.

"You seriously need just one excuse to talk to her." I whisper.

"Shut up!"

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