{13}- The time Brendon babysits us and becomes a baby himself

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"Help!" Ryder yells.
I go and first pull Kate off Ryder and pour water on her.

"Its Brendon Urie" she shakes me. "Pheonix and I are getting married. First thing tomorrow!"

"Okay, chill" I laugh.

"Here are your sweets" Brendon hands me a bag. "And your medicines" he hands it to Dallon.

"I have to ask you this. How did he break his hand?" Ryder asks me.

"One word" I say. "Skateboard"

"Say no furthur my child" Kate says. "This has happened to me also. So I can understand how you feel Mr. Weekes"

"Thank you Kate" Dallon laughs. "Atleast someone understands and does not question me about it" he says, sarcastically.

"Pool?" I ignore him.

"Yes!" Both of them say in unison.

"Be careful" Dallon shouts.

"Says the person who has a broken arm because of a skateboard" I reply and he gives his sarcastic laugh.

"Brendon keep an eye on the kids" I hear Dallon saying.

Kate and I change into our swimming suits and come out. Ryder was already there waiting for us.
"On the count of three" Kate says. "One.. Two--" I don't let her complete and pull her into the pool.
"And three. Thanks Pheonix" Kate says, sarcastically as she looks for air to breathe.

"Don't you find it weird?" Kate asks. "Having Dallon as your father and Brendon as your uncle"

"Not exactly. Dallon is an amazing dad. But Brendon--" I pause. "Not exactly. Brendon just keeps teasing me about me being English"

"Wait a minute--" Ryder says. "Dallon's arm is broken and the tour starts almost next week. Then who is going to play bass?"

"I am"


"Yes" I reply.

"I am so happy for you" Kate says and hugs me.

"In front of a thousand people!" Ryder exclaims.

"Now I am scared" I say and start breathing heavily.

"You will be good sweetheart" Kate rubs my back. She reminded me of Maya somehow.

"Thanks mom" I chuckle.

"Dallon's hot by the way" Kate points out and Ryder nods in confirmation.

"Ew, he is my father!"

"And Brendon?" Ryder asks.

"I feel really odd when I call him my uncle" I say.


"INCOMING!" I hear Brendon's voice. I see him running towards us and does a flip straight into the pool.

"This is the reason why" I say. "He is still a kid"

We were having fun when I saw Dallon limping towards us. "I had asked you to keep and eye on them. Not join them. You are 28"

"And you are a grandpa" Brendon laughs.

"Okay come out all of you. Pizza's here" Dallon says. "Brendon you are paying"

"Nice. I babysit you, bring things for your daughter, look after all of you and I have to pay for the pizza also" Brendon says sarcastically.

"And you get to do a flip into the pool. I am not complaining about it." Dallon throws his wallet. "Pay from this"

"I sense love" I say and both of them throw pillows at me.
"Where are you getting these goddamn pillows from?!"

We change out clothes and gather near the table for pizza.
"I feel really good" I say. "With all of you guys"

"Aww, I love you too" both of them say.

I put pizzas on our plates and start eating. Suddenly Brendon comes and takes a slice off my plate.
"And Uncle Brendon, the food thief, strikes again" I groan.

"I am hungry" he says as he takes a bite off the pizza. "Dallon's hungry too"

"And you will share that one slice of pizza. Thats my dream come true" I say.

"I am out of pillows, people" Dallon yells. Ryder gets up and hands him one. "Thanks Ryder"

"Anytime Mr. Weekes" he smiles.

Dallon throws the pillow at me. "I love you too Dad." Even Brendon throws one at me. "Okay, I don't love you Uncle Bren"

"I am hurt" he laughs. "Have fun" he ruffles my hair and goes.

After sometime we go and sit in our living room.
"Big hero 6?" I ask.

"Yes, bring some tissues also" Ryder says.

"You just want to listen to Fall Out Boy" Kate says and both of us glare at her. "Sorry! Fans" she shrugs. "Okay fine, even I love this movie. Bring some tissues"

I put on the movie and all of us snuggle in a blanket.
"Tadashi!" All of us cry.

"No not him" Kate says, as she wipes her nose.

"What are you guys do--" Brendon walks in and sees our faces. "I am not interuppting. Bye" he walks away.

I think that it was mid movie when all of us dozed off.


I wake up Ryder, who was sleeping on me and I was sleeping on Kate.
"Five more minutes" he groans and goes back to sleep.

I slowly get up and move towards the bathroom.

"Should we tell the kids?" I hear Dallon's voice.

"Yes you guys should. They will be happy" I hear Sarah's voice.

"But we can take only two. One will be Pheonix and the other? I don't know" Brendon says.

What are they talking about?

"We will take one more for a couple of cities and when we come back, that will be it" Dallon says.

"Won't that make the other one sad. I mean you should have seen them yesterday, the way they slept. They might have known each other for a couple of weeks but they look so close" Brendon says.

"I am really confuse--" Dallon says when I feel somebody tapping my shoulder.
It was Kate and Ryder.

"What's going on?" Kate asks as she rubs her eyes.

"Nothing" I lie. "Let's go out"
I have no idea as to what were they talking about.

"Good morning kids" Dallon smiles.

"Same to you Mr. Weekes" Kate laughs. "Is that--"
Sarah turns around and smiles.

"Hi Pheonix" she hugs me.

"Can I touch you?" Kate stammers.

"Yeah sure" Sarah laughs and extends her arm.

"She is real" Kate says and before you know it she faints. But this time on me.

"I am blaming Brendon for my broken bones!" I shout.

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