{20}-The time Dallon and I take an abrupt small trip for ice-cream

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Pheonix runs to the tour bus with Dallon walking behind her. She enters the bus and sees Brendon cornering Levi.

"If even a bee hurts my niece, I swear that I'll forget who I am and will hunt you down" Brendon threatens.
Pheonix had never seen her Uncle Brendon like this. He is so sweet and wierd but angry? Never.

"Y-yes. I love her. I won't let a fly hurt her" Levi stammers.

Even Brendon raises his eyebrow, now everyone was looking at Levi. He did not know that Pheonix and Dallon were at the door and heard every single bit.

"You love her?" Brendon asks.

"Yes, from the day, Uncle Kenneth told me about her and from the day I first saw her" Levi says.

"I trust you" Brendon says and leaves him. He pats his back and goes to talk to Sarah on the phone.

Do I also love him? Maybe?

Pheonix takes Dallon's arm and pulls him the otherside. "We are going for ice-cream" she stammers.


"Dad, believe me. We are going for ice-cream" she says and pulls him.

"Is this about Levi saying--" Dallon asks.

"No, no" she lies and eats her ice-cream.

"Pheonix, breathe" Dallon pats her back. "Just relax"

"I am not going back there. We both are staying here" Pheonix rambles.

"Chill, Pheonix. Its--"

"He loves me? Dad, Levi said that he loves me. We have known each other for a little more than a month. And he loves me?" Pheonix says.

"You are kids, its okay. He loves you, so what? He told that to Brendon and Ryder. Only they know that" Dallon says.

"But we also know that!"

"That's what he thinks. Also, he is leaving tonight" Dallon says.


"His mom is coming today to pick him up"

"Do I have to say that I love him" she asks.

"Only if you do. It's your choice" Dallon smiles. "Do you?"

"Maybe. I don't really know" she replies.

"Its perfectly fine, you are just confused" he says. "Do you want to go back?"

"No. I am really scared"

"Do what I do whenever I am scared." Dallon ruffles her hair. "Play on stage"

"That is just an excuse for making me go back" Pheonix pouts.

"No really, you'll have fun on stage. You forget what is happening" Dallon says.

"Okay fine. Only if you say. But if I go awkward back there. You help me" Pheonix states.

"Okay Ma'am" Dallon fake-salutes.

Dallon and Pheonix walk back to the tour bus. "Where on earth were you two?!" Ryder says.

"Had gone for ice-cream" Pheonix smiles.

"You need to get ready for the concert. We have 15 minutes!" Ryder says and pulls Pheonix. Dallon laughs as he sees his daughter getting dragged into the dressing room.

"Did Brendon kill Levi?" Pheonix asks. She knew that he did not. But she had to ask.

"No he did not. Just treatened him like uncles do" he chuckles. "By the way, Brendon is a gorgeous human"

"Somebody has a tiny crush on him" Pheonix laughs.

"Well, everybody does." Ryder states the obvious.

"Except me"

"I don't know why is that with you?" He asks. "You should have seen him shirtless on that stage"

"I was with him on that stage" Pheonix laughs.

"Well, you know what I am saying" Ryder rolls his eyes as Pheonix ties her hair.

"What are you kids doing?" Brendon enters as he buttons up his shirt.

"Talking and dressing me up" Pheonix smiles.

"Get ready fast we have to go" Brendon says as he tucks his shirt in.

"Good God, Uncle Bren!" Pheonix yells. "For the sake of this kid." Ryder instantly blushes. Pheonix pulls Ryder to protect his not-so-innocent eyes.

"Oh sorry" Brendon says and moves the other way.

"Idiot" Pheonix grumbles.

"Hey! I said that I am sorry" Brendon raises his hands but he pants were gonna fall off, so he pulled it back up. "Yes, I am an idiot"

Brendon walks out. "Why? Why did you do this to me Pheonix. I wanted to see him like that" Ryder, fake-whines.

"One. He is my uncle. Two. Does the name Zachary ring any bell" Pheonix says.

"One. Yes, I remember about Zachary. Two. Everybody loves Brendon Urie" Ryder laughs. "Hey, how was your kiss with Levi"

"Good. I mean I really liked it" Pheonix blushes.

"Phe, come on out now, show is about to start" Dallon yells.

"Coming Dad" she shouts back.


"Amazing show Phe" Dallon hugs his daughter.

"Excuse me, I was the one who was singing" Brendon says.

"Shut up dude" Dallon says.

"Hey Phe, Levi is going" Ryder whisper/yells. Pheonix gets up and walks with Ryder.

She sees Levi standing with his mom, along with his bags. "Hey", Levi smiles.

"Hi" she smiles back. And nobody says anything.

"So, I am Ryder and this dumb silent idiot is Pheonix, nice to meet you" Ryder elbows her.

"Ouch! Oh sorry, hello, Levi's mum" Pheonix rubs her arm.

"You are the famous Pheonix" Levi's mom smiles. "Levi talks about you all the time, it is about time he asked you to be his girlfriend"

"Okay mom, we are done lets go now" Levi blushes.

"No, he is amazing. Even for the time I have known him, he is just great" Pheonix smiles.

"We should get going" His mom smiles. "Amazing show tonight"

"Thank you" Pheonix says.

"You really like him" Ryder whispers as Levi walks away.

"So much that you have no idea" Pheonix sighs and walks back towards the bus.

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