{33}- The time Josh has to lose his Burrito card to me

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"--but these words are knives that often leave scars, the fear of, fear of falling apart"  Kate and I sing.

"Awesome you two." Mr. Quinn says, putting an 'A' on our sheets.

"Thank you." Kate smiles and we sit down.

"So what are you going to do this weekend?" Levi asks.

"Well, I am going to my grandparents' house--" Kate pauses when she looks at Levi, who was looking at her with a blank expression.
"Oh you were talking to her."

Levi nods and I laugh.

"I don't know? Maybe go out for dinner with Dad or something like that." I reply.

"Cool." Levi looked upset.


"Get up!" Dallon yells.

"Aaaaagghhh. Why?" I yell back.

"Aaaaagghhh. 'Cause I told you." He laughs.

"Aaaaagghhh. No."

"Aaaagghhh. Why are we talking like this?" He asks.

"I don't know we should stop." I chuckle. "And why are you waking me up now?"

"Because we are going for paintball." He picks me up.


"Yep, get ready. 'Cause, Tyler and Josh will also come." He smiles and I run out to the bathroom. "I knew that would get her on her feet." I hear him saying.

"Are they really gonna come or you are trying to get me 'punkd!'." I ask.

"No, they are really coming." Dallon laughs. "Quick, kiddo. I need you out in--"

I come out of the bathroom.

"I did not even finish my sentence." Dallon looks at me with a raised eyebrow.

"Quick, quick. Huddle up my good man!" I exclaim.

I literally push Dallon, when he asks. "Did you even take a shower?"

"Yes, I did." I say, still pushing him.

"You really love Ty and Josh." He chuckles.


Dallon, Brendon, Kenny, Dan and I wait for Tyler and Josh. "Dad, where are they?"

"Should be here any minute." Dallon looks upto me.
What? I was on his back. I am always on his back. Don't judge me.

"Where are they?" I whine and put my face on Dallon's shoulder.

"Finally, here they come." I hear Kenny saying.

I see Tyler and Josh coming out of the car, arguing about something. "Hey guys, and kid." Josh says.

"Josh, you are so out of the band." Tyler says and Josh ignores him.

"Okay, what happened now?" Brendon asks.

"I had to wait for him for about 30 minutes just because he was not able to decide what pair of jeans to wear." Tyler rolls his eyes.

"Well, I had to choose a good one. I was going to meet the kid." Josh smiles.

"Hi!" I gush.

"T'ssup kiddo?" Tyler smiles.

"I am on Dallon's back so I am going to say space." I chuckle.

"Damn!" Tyler high-fives me. "That kid is so Dallon."

"Okay, can we stop calling her 'kid'." Brendon says. "Because I can only call her that."

"And now I am offended." Dan says.

"Okay people. Quickly split into 2 teams." Dallon says.

"But we are on odd number." Kenny points out.

"Easy peasy, pumpkin pie--" Dallon looks at me with a 'dad' look. He knew what was I going to say. "Dallon and Brendon split the teams, and I will flip a coin on who goes first."

"Okay." Both say in unison.

I quickly take a coin out of my pocket and flip.
What? Yeah, I keep a coin. I have a habit of playing with a coin.
Don't give me that look.

"Heads." Brendon calls.

"Heads it is." I say.

"Damn it!" This comes from Dallon.

"Uncle Bren, choose." I say.

"Kid." Brendon says and I walk over to his side.

"Not my kid!" Dallon whines. "Tyler."





"Phe, if we win, I promise I'll let you play with my video games." Brendon whispers.

"Okay." I smile.

Dallon's team had only 3 people, so they had a headstart.

Brendon, Josh, Kenny and I enter the arena-kind-of-a-thing. "Okay, guys. Come out already." Josh shouts.

"As if!" I hear Tyler's voice. Josh smiles and moves behind a rock. Josh pulls the trigger of his gun. "Damn it Josh! I fall for that, every single time!"

"Make some use of your brains." Josh says and Tyler pulls his trigger. Both of them had started shooting each other.

Dallon comes out and starts shooting at Brendon and Kenny. I was small as compared to the other guys. So I hid near a tree.

Everybody was shooting at each other and I hid near that tree, that nobody noticed. "Wait a minute--" Dallon pauses, "Where is Phoenix?"

Even Brendon looks around, "I swear she was here a minute ago." Brendon looks around for me.

I jump out of the tree, in front of them. "Hey guys." I hold my gun infront of them.

"Dal, are you sure that she is not a monkey?" Tyler asks.

"Maybe. Even I am confused." Dallon replies.

Now all the 6 men/boys/kids, held their guns, pointed at me. "Surrender, kid."

"Nope." I stay there.

"We had warned you." Brendon chuckles.

That back-stabber.


"Finished? Already?" All of them whine.

"Oops." I smirk and shoot all of them.

"Okay, ouch. Kid-stop-seriously." Dallon says.

"Do you accept your defeat?" I ask.

"Fine." The 6 men/boys/kids yell.


We all move out of that place, and I hold my hand out. "Uncle Josh, card."

"What now?" Dallon asks.

Josh frowns and fishes out his Burrito card in his pocket. "For a week only."

"Okay." I chuckle and he puts it in my hand.

"You bet her your burrito card!" Tyler exclaims.

"Brendon had told me that we would turn against her. But I had no idea that she would sit on a tree." Josh explains.

"This monkey is coming with me." Tyler picks me up.

"Careful with the kid!" Dallon says.

"Dang!" Tyler says. "Does she even eat something? She is lighter than air."

We all laugh and go to a nearby, Taco Bell.
I was still on Tyler's back.

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