Hallelujah // Brendon Urie by urieeeeee
Hallelujah // Brendon Urieby Ireland!
Good girl meets bad boy Good girl falls for bad boy Bad boy doesn't. ....
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Adopted By The Uries//B.U & S.U by FaeleciaUrie
Adopted By The Uries//B.U & S.Uby Psychourie
When you're in foster care, getting adopted by literally anyone is your dream. Getting adopted by your hero is an even better deal.
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Adopted (Book 1) *EDITING* by My_fallout_disco
Adopted (Book 1) *EDITING*by Your boi
Sydney was only 3 when her mom and dad died in a tragic car crash. After that, she spent the next 12 years living in different foster homes. Her life all of a sudden cha...
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Fuck is a Bad Word || Brendon Urie x Reader by Irisone
Fuck is a Bad Word || Brendon Urie...by «♪ıяıṡȏṅє♪»
"Hey, you there in the middle." At a Panic! At The Disco concert, you manage to catch Brendon Urie's attention. . . Enough to make him fall in love with you. H...
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My Kuki (Kuki Urie X Reader one-shots) by Kuki_Queen_Zaara25
My Kuki (Kuki Urie X Reader one-sh...by Kuki_Queen_Zaara25
this contains lots of stories about Kuki Urie and you. I promised I would write this in my other story about Kuki.
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Miss Jackson by Imperfectt_Imposter
Miss Jacksonby Sinner_69
Brendon Urie is a history teacher in Los Angeles who falls for his student, Delilah Jackson. After a few studying "dates" together, the two develop a connectio...
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Daddy (B. U.) by MadnessinWonderland
Daddy (B. U.)by Jillian Taylor
When Brendon Urie's wife divorces him, Brendon is devastated and not taking it well. He goes clubbing with his buddies every night, gets high and drunk. He is as drunk a...
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Brendon x reader • Stolen • by aesthetic_emo87
Brendon x reader • Stolen •by Dallon
A Brendon Urie x reader story Warning will contain: , SMUT, mention of the milk fic, and cringe
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Dancing with the Devil -Brendon Urie AU by wavesx
Dancing with the Devil -Brendon Ur...by CHASE ATLANTIC ❤️
❝You think you danced with the devil and you love him now.❞ - Psycho! Brendon Urie.
  • psychopath
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ill be fine, really. ; brallon by mderndaydalln
ill be fine, really. ; brallonby ▿ dallon//
brendon urie, the instagram photographer who does not show his face. dallon weekes, the also instagram photographer. but, has a few selfies. what will happen when of the...
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Brallon Fluff Oneshots by exclusively_brallon
Brallon Fluff Oneshotsby Your Author
Fluffy Brallon one shots I write when I'm bored. Enjoy reading.
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Expressing Thoughts-J.D by boritobabe
Expressing Thoughts-J.Dby boritobabe
This is the sequel to Repressing Thoughts so I would read that one first! Sage and Josh have just reconciled but with Twenty One Pilots becoming more and more famous and...
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Repressing Thoughts-J.D by boritobabe
Repressing Thoughts-J.Dby boritobabe
Brendon Uries little sister goes on tour with Panic! And TØP where she meets Joshua William Dun. With both of them battling things from their past, will they be able to...
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Tokyo Ghoul X Reader One Shots by HappyVirus223
Tokyo Ghoul X Reader One Shotsby Mhaye~
Tokyo ghoul one shots
  • oneshot
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Just One Regret || Brendon Urie by SecretJungle88
Just One Regret || Brendon Urieby ~ Zoe ~
Who could love me? I'm out of my mind. He was at the climax of his journey and swimming with triumph with his wife right by his side. "We did it." He asserte...
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Mr Weekes (Brallon Fanfiction) by AlSmiffy
Mr Weekes (Brallon Fanfiction)by AlSmiffy
Brendon urie, the classic trouble maker, ready for another boring year of school. Well, he thought it would be boring, but maybe a new teacher could give him a new persp...
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Church Boys † Brendon Urie by AnxietyAtTheBall
Church Boys † Brendon Urieby ✧ JΔY ✧
You can't make a Church Boy out of an Atheist, but you can make a Bad Girl out of a Christian. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ A Brendon Urie Fanfic
  • boys
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Master Urie (Brendon Urie X Reader) by deannacat100
Master Urie (Brendon Urie X Reader)by Deanna Argent
I knew something was strange about that man when I first lied eyes on him. He would stare at me with dark brown eyes that were almost black like death. I wanted to learn...
  • howell
  • urie
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That's my Daughter//Adopted by Brendon Urie {COMPLETE} by caliganousfandoms
That's my Daughter//Adopted by Bre...by Theodore Dallon
Lydia's Mother died at birth, and her father could not pay for the both of them. That landed baby Lydia in the Arnett House for Girls. One day, a man adopts Lydia. This...
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Mr.Urie My Math Teacher (teacher x student) by panicatthebeeb
Mr.Urie My Math Teacher (teacher x...by S.
After moving away from her home town with her mother after traumatizing experiences, she expects for her life to be normal. Like she had always wished for it to be. But...
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